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National Association of REALTORS« Conference & Expo in San Diego! Betty Slatko in the House!

Betty Slatko represented us, this past week, at the National Association of REALTORS® Conference and Expo in San Diego. The packed event featured over 100 speakers on varied topics including, Residential Market Trends, Economic forecasts, Federal Issues and community outreach programs as well as classes on Expanding Housing Opportunity, the newest ‘Smart Home’ technologies, and current consumer expectations and concerns. Also featured was some impressive talent: Emmitt Smith, the Dallas Cowboy's 3-time Super Bowl champion and Dancing With The Stars champion, musician John Legend and HGTV stars of Property Brothers to name a small few. 

Betty Slatko, 2016 NSAR President pictured with MA REALTOR® of the Year, Eileen Jonah-Daly, 2015 NSAR President and Amy Walick 2013 NSAR President.

Betty Slatko NSAR 2016 President with Eileen Jonah-Daly voted REALTOR® of the Year


Donovan Family of Ipswich, MA Wins Patriots Tickets!


The Donovan Family of Ipswich, MA won 2 tickets to the Patriots/Bills game happening on 11/23/15. “Are you serious?!” Tim Donovan shouted into the phone when we reached him while at a middle school event last Monday evening. Tim showed up with his daughter, decked out in full Patriots garb, obviously big fans, to pick up their tickets. They were so excited and we couldn’t be happier! The raffle took place over the course of our 2-day, 10-year anniversary celebration at The Windhill Building. Over 100 people attended. We are proud to be part of such a supportive community that embraces local business. Our ten year celebration continues! Congratulations to the Donovans!

No Regrets.

Holly Robinson's wisdom on the speed at which 20 years transpires is something we should all take a moment to heed. 

Five minutes might give you a new perspective. Try it. "Why the Twigs Feel So Sharp In an Empty Nest" by Holly Robinson.  

We experience this story frequently with clients, whose lives have turned in a new, exciting but sometimes uncertain direction. These challenging times bring mixed emotions and require delicate guidance. Standing beside you with solid real estate advice is what we do best. Take advantage of our experience anytime. 


Attention Scrappers! Not So Fast!

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, OCT. 14, 2015.....A bill that legislators say would help prevent theft of metals from job sites, vacant homes and public spaces easily cleared the House on Wednesday afternoon and now moves to the Senate, which passed a similar bill two years ago.
Aiming to crack down on scrap metal thieves, the bill (H 3806) creates a local registration process for scrap metal dealers and requires dealers to tag and hold items for at least 48 hours. If contacted by law enforcement about potential stolen property, the items must be held for an additional 48 hours.  scrap metal legislation
"When individuals or businesses come in to sell metal -- brass, copper, whatever it may be -- the materials will be tagged and held for 48 hours to allow public safety officials to identify and track any possible stolen materials if it has been reported to them," Rep. Jennifer Benson said. "It is a common sense bill to restrict theft in this area."
She added, "We are simply enacting a common sense measure to ensure not only that private property is protected, but to help our public safety partners in doing their due diligence."
The House voted 151-0 in favor of the bill.
Benson, co-chair of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee, said the testimony on the bill was unanimously in favor of it, and that the committee heard from police chiefs, metals dealers and even the Cranberry Growers Association, which she said told of a problem with sprinkler heads being stolen from area cranberry bogs.
Under the bill, secondary metals dealers would be required to keep a daily log of transaction details, including the name, date of birth, address and driver's license of the seller, the license plate of the vehicle being used to transport the metal, the type of metal being sold, its weight, and the sale price.
"It gives us all a level playing field on what to expect. It encourages the communication between local police and the scrap yards," Colin Kelly, director of public affairs at Everett's Schnitzer Steel Industries, said. "It presents the opportunity to understand the materials that scrap yards shouldn't be accepting and I think is something that is long overdue for the industry."
The bill specifies items that are unacceptable for dealers to receive without proper authorization, including guardrails, manhole covers, high voltage transmission line cables, cemetery plaques, contractor tools, aluminum bleachers, traffic signs and beer kegs.
The high resale price of many metals made them a common target for thieves, but Kelly told the News Service on Wednesday that prices have "decreased significantly" over the last five years.
END 10/14/2015