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Ipswich's Favorite Home Art & Building Contest 2016

Ipswich's Got Talent! This year's contest was a success! The masterpieces began coming through the door and again, we couldn't believe our eyes. One mom came by and said, "The prizes are so generous, I'm just curious, why do you do this?" That got me thinking. Why do we do this? It's a LOT of work. Who else sponsors a community event with free entry, no strings attached, all for the kids, that highlights creativity, and allows us to put their masterpieces on display and give something back to the kids/our community? We do. Because we love it. Because community matters to us. Check out the art show movie of all the masterpieces!

Kathy Dagle Newly Licensed in New Hampshire

Kathy's extensive background in real estate began back in 2000. Her diverse experience, having sold real estate in Florida, Massachusetts and now being licensed in New Hampshire, allows her to understand a broad client base and meet the needs of many.

Kathy is thrilled to now be able to extend her reach on behalf of her clients. Inventory, being brisk and somewhat limited here on the North Shore means more buyers will be casting a wider net in their home search. Kathy is ready to assist them should they decide to call New Hampshire home. Looking for a fantastic agent, who will work in your best interest? Learn more about Kathy Dagle! Clients hold Kathy in the highest regard. Read Kathy's testimonials here!

Noel Marecka Joins Windhill!

Noel Marecka began her Real Estate Career in 2008, putting close to a decade of real estate experience under her belt.  Experience with high-end homes, closing short sales in under 3 months , and everything in between, she has a broad and diverse understanding and market expertise. This industry is the perfect pairing for Noel as she loves to meet new people, educate them on the housing market and explore new properties and realistic potential with her clients. She has an "above and beyond" attitude with all her clients and enjoys being there to hold their hand and guide them from start to finish. She prides herself on superior communication so that even the bumpiest transactions can feel seamless and comprehensible to the buyer or seller.

A North Shore Native, Noel was born, raised and currently resides in Ipswich. She grew up in the beautiful seaside town and parted for only a few years from its salty beach air for a college education in Western Mass. This North Shore native is an expert on the area with her extensive knowledge of the school systems, current local political agendas, economic housing trends, period antique homes and distressed properties as well as local area amenities on the North Shore and beyond.

Real Estate is not just a career choice for Noel, but a passion for people and helping them achieve their overall homeownership dreams and needs.

Noel can be reached direct at 978-223-0906

President Betty Slatko!

Betty has been busy making the most of her term as President of the North Shore Association of Realtors. We couldn't have been more proud, seeing her at the lectern, before a packed house at the Salem Waterfront Hotel at the March Legislative member event. It was a day of important information, networking and support for private property rights.

Jay Ash, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, spoke, told a few jokes, and gave us his perspective on the status of housing in the state and an inside view of plans for economic growth. He's actually a pretty funny, approachable guy! 

The event was a huge success and raised over $19,000 in support of the Realtor Political Action Committee"s (RPAC) mission to protect homeowners rights and support the goal of expanding homeownership for MA residents.

Betty is enjoying her presidency and we are enjoying seeing Betty serve her role with passion and gumption. Hail to the Cheif!

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Do you leave your lights on at night? NPR reported recenlty that it might make more sense to get to know your neighbors better instead. Read the full story here and plan a pot luck.


Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

  • During the day, turn off your outdoor lights and leave your alarm system on.
  • Install motion-detecting lights.
  • Set timers for your lights, TVs and radios to mimic human activity.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Turn off your lights if there is no one around to see them.
  • Establish a neighborhood watch.


Toni Riddle of Windhill Realty - Mediation Officer for NSAR

IT'S OFFICIAL! Congratulations to Our New NSAR Mediation Officer! Toni Riddle of Windhill Realty recently completed the training required to become a Professional Standards Mediation Officer. Toni will be providing mediation services to members of the North Shore Association of Realtors® seeking alternative dispute resolution. 


Conomo Point Essex, MA

Conomo Point - as described by Wikipedia.  Conomo is a summer community that is over 100 years old. There are 104 seasonal cottages and year-round homes on Conomo Point, a picturesque summer colony on town-leased land. In 1819, Essex separated from the town of Ipswich on the condition that Essex took care of their poor. To fulfill this agreement, the town of Essex found four properties ideal for a Poor Farm or Alms House in 1825. Since these waterfront properties were not good for shipyards, dry fishing, and farming, these properties had very little value.

From the time from 1850 to 1900, the feelings felt toward waterfront property changed. This was due partly to the shortening of the work week and the expanding middle class. The town voted to allow "leasing of rights to build shanties on Town Farm Road. Then another group of shanties were established on Robbin's Island. Conomo Point was no longer populated by only by Essex citizens by 1900.Due to the construction of the railroad in Essex in 1892, Conomo Point was far more accessible to people from close towns.

Since the beginning, Conomo Point residents paid real estate taxes on the land they rented as well as personal taxes on their cottages. The town of Essex expected to profit from its land. The rents increased by 25% in 1927 by vote in a town meeting. In 1951, rents were increased another 5%. Then in 1961, rents were raised even higher by 25%.

From 1950 to 1970, the town of Essex sought to maximize its rental income while at the same time avoided increasing rental rates. Because of this there was a rapid growth of the Point. Over these years, the town of Essex approved new lots to be leased for the sake of cottage construction.

Since the water supplied to Conomo Point from Essex was rusty due to rusty pipe lines, Conomo residents drilled personal wells. Since year-round living never came up before because the water lines were turned off in October, Conomo Commissioners were nervous with these new well constructions. Therefore, they were cautious in granting permission to Conomo residents to drilling wells. Conomo Point Commissioners knew that if the residents of Conomo Point had fresh water year-round then the issue of year-round living would come up. In response the Board of Health stated that no wells could be made on town-owned land.

Search Essex Real Estate here including homes on Conomo Point