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Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Do you leave your lights on at night? NPR reported recenlty that it might make more sense to get to know your neighbors better instead. Read the full story here and plan a pot luck.


Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

  • During the day, turn off your outdoor lights and leave your alarm system on.
  • Install motion-detecting lights.
  • Set timers for your lights, TVs and radios to mimic human activity.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Turn off your lights if there is no one around to see them.
  • Establish a neighborhood watch.


Toni Riddle of Windhill Realty - Mediation Officer for NSAR

IT'S OFFICIAL! Congratulations to Our New NSAR Mediation Officer! Toni Riddle of Windhill Realty recently completed the training required to become a Professional Standards Mediation Officer. Toni will be providiing mediation services to members of the North Shore Association of Realtors® seeking alternative dispute resolution. 


Conomo Point Essex, MA

Conomo Point - as described by Wikipedia.  Conomo is a summer community that is over 100 years old. There are 104 seasonal cottages and year-round homes on Conomo Point, a picturesque summer colony on town-leased land. In 1819, Essex separated from the town of Ipswich on the condition that Essex took care of their poor. To fulfill this agreement, the town of Essex found four properties ideal for a Poor Farm or Alms House in 1825. Since these waterfront properties were not good for shipyards, dry fishing, and farming, these properties had very little value.

From the time from 1850 to 1900, the feelings felt toward waterfront property changed. This was due partly to the shortening of the work week and the expanding middle class. The town voted to allow "leasing of rights to build shanties on Town Farm Road. Then another group of shanties were established on Robbin's Island. Conomo Point was no longer populated by only by Essex citizens by 1900.Due to the construction of the railroad in Essex in 1892, Conomo Point was far more accessible to people from close towns.

Since the beginning, Conomo Point residents paid real estate taxes on the land they rented as well as personal taxes on their cottages. The town of Essex expected to profit from its land. The rents increased by 25% in 1927 by vote in a town meeting. In 1951, rents were increased another 5%. Then in 1961, rents were raised even higher by 25%.

From 1950 to 1970, the town of Essex sought to maximize its rental income while at the same time avoided increasing rental rates. Because of this there was a rapid growth of the Point. Over these years, the town of Essex approved new lots to be leased for the sake of cottage construction.

Since the water supplied to Conomo Point from Essex was rusty due to rusty pipe lines, Conomo residents drilled personal wells. Since year-round living never came up before because the water lines were turned off in October, Conomo Commissioners were nervous with these new well constructions. Therefore, they were cautious in granting permission to Conomo residents to drilling wells. Conomo Point Commissioners knew that if the residents of Conomo Point had fresh water year-round then the issue of year-round living would come up. In response the Board of Health stated that no wells could be made on town-owned land.

Search Essex Real Estate here including homes on Conomo Point

Windhill Holiday Party at Ipswich Country Club 2015

We ended the year with a bang! Great times had by all at the 2015 Windhill holiday party held at Ipswich Country Club featuring this beautiful cake by Jessica Murphy celebrating our 10 years in business! We invited the great Groove Alliance band to perfom and help us celebrate! Oh what a night!


Spreading Cheer!

Thank you Ipswich Community and thank you Team Windhill for your kindness and generosity. Lynne Gibbs met us at the Ipswich Food Pantry today where we delivered a truck-load of food items just in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, over $300 in gift cards was being delivered to Grace Center of Cape Ann to provide homeless guests and secluded seniors with some unexpected holiday cheer. 

Giving Back - You Can Make a Difference

Every holiday season we identify a handful of local organizations in need and spread out our efforts to help. This year is no different and we are in the middle of our holiday giving. Thinking about making a donation to the Ipswich Food Pantry? Stop by! We are open Monday-Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 9-3. Bring non-perishible (not expired) food items. We will make sure the pantry has it in time for Christmas. 

We are also trying to help out Grace Center this year. Grace serves 50-70 homeless and lonely seniors daily. They are based out of 3 different locations on Cape Ann and for $5 you could make someone's day. Read more about Grace Center and how you can give the gift of grace this year here.


In addition to Grace Center and Ipswich Food Pantry, we are also supporting Ipswich Caring with books for children and Ipswich Humane Group through the Tree Jubilee at Marini Farm. If you haven't visited Marini's lately, stop by this weekend and check out the Jubilee. All proceeds go to Ipswich Humane.