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Ipswich in the Top 10 for Biggest Gain in Home Price

The Warren Group reports we are at or near record levels in several categories. We are not surprised and have been experiencing brisk sales locally, here on the North Shore, including multiple offer situations on properly priced inventory, heavy attendance at open houses and large buyer pools in certain price ranges. Manchester, MA falls in at number two with a 23.6 percent gain, to a new median home sale price of just under a million at $955,000! Ipswich came in at number three with a home sale gain of... 


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Selling Your Home Solo to Save Money?

home sales

You'll actually make less than you think!

Those of us who have been around a while (eh hemmm 30 years) have seen this unfortunate scenario play out more often than we'd like. Our hearts break when we learn of homeowners under-selling. It hurts them along with the over-all home values. 

Friends don't let friends go 'fizz-bo'! (Industry lingo for FSBO or for-sale-by-owner). Even I was startled by this bottom-of-the-barrell pricing statistic when buyers and sellers are friends! What a steal for the buyer!

Read the full article by NAR here - they know their real estate!

And if you have questions about your home's value, call us. There's no obligation, ever. 978-356-8922  We'd rather share what we know than see you give your house away.


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Homes are Selling Faster Nationwide

Massachusetts is in the RED...a good shade of red! I'm surprised to see that we are surrounded by slower-selling states, in fact we are the only New England state with homes selling in the 30-day-or-less clip! Nearly 50 percent of sold properties nationally were on the market for less than a month! Full story from the National Association of REALTORS here.


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Ipswich, MA Home Sales

That House Sold for What? Ipswich, MA Home Sales in 2016! 
Wondering what your house is worth? Give us a call! It's confidential & complimentary!

  Single Family      
5 Mulholland Drive Ipswich, MA $525,000 $534,500
7 Capeview Ipswich, MA $799,999 $800,000
63 Clark Road Ipswich, MA $385,000 $385,000
82 Town Farm Rd Ipswich, MA $574,900 $575,400
3 Burton Rd Ipswich, MA $675,000 $635,000
61 The Fairways Ipswich, MA $799,900 $765,000
416 Linebrook Rd Ipswich, MA $374,900 $364,900
20 James Road Ipswich, MA $349,900 $393,837
4 Post Road Lane Ipswich, MA $799,999 $795,000
24 Plains Rd Ipswich, MA $499,000 $480,000
14 Alamo Road Ipswich, MA $750,000 $690,000
3 Spring St Ipswich, MA $485,000 $455,000
24 Clark Road Ipswich, MA $595,000 $595,000
3 Stage Hill Road Ipswich, MA $425,000 $400,000
7 Old Essex Rd Ipswich, MA $335,000 $325,000
4 Maple Ave Ipswich, MA $532,500 $520,000
10 Lafayette Rd Ipswich, MA $379,000 $365,000
3 Turkey Shore Road Ipswich, MA $799,000 $845,000
1 Riverside Dr Ipswich, MA $475,000 $475,000
4 Appleton Park Ipswich, MA $247,000 $197,000
9 Pleasant Street Ipswich, MA $374,900 $368,500
19 Hawk Hill Lane Ipswich, MA $979,000 $939,000
20 Howe St Ipswich, MA $369,900 $355,000
57 North Main St Ipswich, MA $950,000 $945,000
55 Farley Ave Ipswich, MA $725,000 $728,000
29 Lafayette Rd Ipswich, MA $499,000 $480,000
20 Lakemans Ln Ipswich, MA $439,000 $430,000
6 Stone Hill Drive Ipswich, MA $399,000 $399,000
25 Argilla Road Ipswich, MA $465,000 $465,000
29 Choate Ln Ipswich, MA $699,900 $679,000
331 High Street Ipswich, MA $369,000 $369,000
38 Topsfield Rd Ipswich, MA $390,000 $400,000
12 North Ridge Road Ipswich, MA $1,695,000 $1,520,000
4 Appleton Park Ipswich, MA $254,900 $245,000
24 Howe Street Ipswich, MA $389,000 $400,000
10 County Street Ipswich, MA $649,000 $645,000
8 Stonebridge Ipswich, MA $1,124,900 $1,105,000
160 Linebrook Road Ipswich, MA $649,900 $627,500
19 Skytop Road Ipswich, MA $559,000 $547,500
19 Stage Hill Rd Ipswich, MA $499,900 $485,000
13 2Nd St Ipswich, MA $309,000 $298,900
10 Choate Ln Ipswich, MA $629,000 $629,000
208 Argilla Road Ipswich, MA $1,950,000 $1,850,000
231 High Street Ipswich, MA $515,000 $485,000
240 Linebrook Rd Ipswich, MA $679,900 $705,000
46 Argilla Rd Ipswich, MA $699,900 $685,000
10-12 Pleasant Street Ipswich, MA $439,000 $450,000
55 Town Farm Road Ipswich, MA $269,999 $220,000
41 Pineswamp Road Ipswich, MA $325,000 $275,000
41 North Ridge Road Ipswich, MA $225,000 $200,000
2 Central Street #17 Ipswich, MA $200,000 $192,000
21 South Main Street #1 Ipswich, MA $139,000 $136,000
3-5 Soffron Lane Ipswich, MA $135,000 $135,000
29 Summer St Ipswich, MA $289,900 $285,000
400 Colonial Dr #61 Ipswich, MA $187,500 $170,000
11 Soffron Ln Ipswich, MA $268,900 $265,000
7 Soffron Ln Ipswich, MA $269,000 $265,000
38 Kimball Ave #17 Ipswich, MA $299,900 $296,000
23 S Main St #7 Ipswich, MA $305,000 $305,000
8 Broadway #2 Ipswich, MA $153,900 $140,000
29 Summer St  #14 Ipswich, MA $329,500 $319,500
38 River Point Dr #9 Ipswich, MA $449,000 $449,500
68 County Road  #4 Ipswich, MA $224,900 $223,000
25 South Main Street #1 Ipswich, MA $174,900 $160,000
401 Colonial Drive #19 Ipswich, MA $299,900 $299,900
13 New Mill Place Ipswich, MA $365,000 $361,000
200 Colonial Dr Ipswich, MA $187,500 $190,000
16 Appleton Park #G3 Ipswich, MA $145,000 $145,000
31 Mount Pleasant Ave #3 Ipswich, MA $274,900 $280,000


All data collected from MLSPIN 1/1/16-5/11/16

The Best Month and Day to Sell Your House For the Most Money? NOW!!!

N O W!

If you are looking to sell your home fast and for the highest price, start prepping. You've got about 6 weeks! So says Megan Turchi of the Boston Globe, according to Zillow.

Now, those of us in the "biz" don't put a lot of faith in Zillow when it comes to certain things, like home values, but they may be on to something here. It's no secret that inventory is down, which naturally creates a supply and demand conundrum for buyers. How much more will your house sell for? Click here for Megan's (and Zillow's) final words.


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Pending Home Sales Move Forward in February

Today's market report from the National Association of Realtors:

"Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says pending sales made promising strides in February, rising to the highest index reading since last July (109.8). "After some volatility this winter, the latest data is encouraging in that a decent number of buyers signed contracts last month, lured by mortgage rates dipping to their lowest levels in nearly a year1 and a modest, seasonal uptick in inventory2," he said. "Looking ahead, the key for sustained momentum and more sales than last spring is a... Read the full story here.



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Real Estate Market Watch - Interest Rates & Affordability

NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun had this to say in a recent article by Robert Freedman for REALTOR MAG on interest rates and affordability:

rising mortgage interest rates

"Yun is forecasting the rate on a 30-year fixed loan to rise to 4.3 percent by the end of the year and then to about 5 percent at the end of 2017. These are “very low by historical standards,” he says.  

Concerns are shifting from escalating rates over to the lack of home inventory and affordability issues. Yun says home prices are rising about 7.5% annually on average and household income only at 2%. This scenario is playing out accross the U.S. and cities & communities are taking notice. From California's San Francisco Bay area to Newton, MA (part of the 10th most expensive housing market in the nation - NPR) teachers with 6-figure salaries are priced out, spending 50% and higher of their salary for rent/mortgage not including utilities. NPR has that story and you can LISTEN TO IT HERE.

We don't see a shortage of buyers, but here on the North Shore, there is a definite need for inventory. Thinking of selling? Now's a great time. How a 1-2% increase in interest rates will affect buyers in this market remains to be seen. Multiple offers, bidding wars and sales far over asking are a recurring scenario right now, provided the property is priced and marketed professionally and accurately.  Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted.




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Is Renovating Your Home Worth It?

The process can feel overwhelming.home renovations You may decide to just unload and move on. We can help you determine what's best for you. Estimating current, concise market value is our expertise. Establishing today's value 'as is' or estimating future value post-renovation is crucial information when weighing your options. It's no wonder there's confusion; this Yahoo spokesperson warns you to beware of adding an additional bathroom because it won't add much value.  

BUT, if you watch the entire video and listen to the President of the National Association of Realtors, he talks about kitchens and bathrooms having the most impact and appeal to potential buyers.  We agree with Tom.

Know the facts, do your research and lean on our complimentary advice. Our team is vested in the health of this community and that includes happy homeowners here for the long haul. Contact one of our professionals today



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