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TRID Rules Expected to Delay Closings? New Law as of October 3, 2015

There's a new law in town, effective October 3, 2015. Welcome to TRID (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure)! The new law will create a rippling effect across the industry, buyers and sellers included. Like every other big change, it's designed for the protection of the consumer. We spent the morning with Attorney Rick Carter and Ron Peck & Victoria Davis of Salem Five Bank, getting the facts. The new rules are a bit complicated so make sure you're working with a professional REALTOR® who has taken the time to educate themselves on the entire process and what will be required.



Top Home Listing Dates of 2014



This is where the term 'Spring Market' comes from. Inventory tends to peak during the months of April and May. Spring arrives in 10 days! What do you suppose will happen with real estate inventory this year? I predict a post blizzard flood here in Essex County; of inventory that is. Folks are just waiting for the 'great melt' to do repairs and and make their move. Basic economics tells us that when supply goes up, price goes down. Don't let that happen to you! Here's a great look back at 2014's most popular listing dates from the National Association of Realtors, posted in Economist Commentaries by Danielle Hale, Director of Housing Statistics. Don't wait for your competition to mount! We have a list of clients ready and waiting to buy...NOW!


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Forbes Magazine's Test When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

How to Vet a Real Estate Agent:  10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

There are a lot of real estate professionals out there today. Chances are you may already know one from within your own social circle. You can get referrals from neighbors, friends, family members and you might even look to Google to help you find an agent.

But one word of caution is this: Don't pick someone so close to you that you can't have a serious "straight talk" business conversation. You need someone with whom you are not uncomfortable disagreeing. And keep in mind that this person will at some point become quite intimate with your entire financial picture.


So choose the most qualified person for the job that you think you'll work well with. The ideal person for you is an experienced professional who knows your market, acts in an ethical manner, answers all of your questions, addresses your concerns and, most important, will listen to you and be your teammate throughout the entire process.

Here are 10 questions that you ask your real estate agent or broker before you hire them to help you with your home search:

  1. What percentage of your clients are buyers (vs. sellers)?
  2. In which neighborhoods do you primarily work?
  3. Will I be working with you directly or handed off to anyone else other than you? In other words, will you handle all aspects of my transaction or will you delegate some tasks to a sales associate or administrative assistant? A knowledgeable assistant can be invaluable, but you want to make sure you can connect with your agent regularly.
  4. Do you work full-time or part-time as a real estate agent?
  5. How many homes have you closed in my neighborhood?
  6. How many other buyers are you representing now? How many sellers?
  7. Is your license in good standing? You should check an agent's certification yourself with your state's Department of Real Estate. Many states provide this information online.
  8. How many years of education and experience do you have? Experience and continuing education typically make for better agents. (And it doesn't hurt to ask if they own their own home. A new Trulia Trends study shows that 85% of brokers and agents are homeowners).
  9. Are you also a broker and/or a Realtor or an agent? (Hint: a real estate license does NOT make an agent a REALTOR®)
  10. Can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of past clients who have agreed to be references? Insights from past customers can help you learn more about an agent and give you a greater comfort level.

    Picking a Real Estate pro is a very key decision in the home-buying or selling process and I want to see you do it right. There are so many great real estate professionals out there willing to work hard for you, so consider the advice above as you make your selection.

Thank you Forbes for your wisdom! Excellent advice and we agree!


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We've been busy selling real estate on the North Shore!

libertyListing and selling homes all across the North Shore is what we do best! Here's a list of MOST of the real estate transactions we've closed over the past 12 months! Thinking about changing your address? Give us a call! 978-356-8922

46 High Street, Ipswich, MA
18 Kimball Road, Methuen, MA
1 Democracy Drive, Amesbury, MA
20 Alvanos Drive, Haverhill, MA
4 Grant Court, Ipswich, MA
204 High Street, Ipswich, MA
36 Avery Street, Ipswich, MA
36 Downfall Road, Newbury, MA
3 James Road, Ipswich, MA
21 Middle Street, Ipswich, MA
17 Spring Hill Road, Byfield, MA
4 Circle Street, Middleton, MA
24 Francis Avenue, Groveland, MA
27 Elmira Avenue, Newburyport, MA
23 Allen Lane, Ipswich, MA
399 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA
24 School Street, Georgetown, MA
1 Atkinson Street, Newburyport, MA
4 Dix Road, Ipswich, MA
52 East Street, Ipswich, MA
8 Crestwood Lane, Ipswich, MA
21 Mason Lane, Salsibury, MA
18 Congress Street, Ipswich, MA
5 Maple Avenue, Ipswich, MA
299 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA
856 Haverhill Street, Rowley, MA
4 Bush Hill Road, Ipswich, MA
44 Avery Street, Ipswich, MA
37 Leslie Road, Ipswich, MA
85 Main Street, Rowley, MA
156 Topsfield Road, Ipswich, MA
250 Dodge Road, Rowley, MA
130 Central Street, Topsfield, MA
251 High Street, Ipswich, MA
23 Hodgkins Drive, Ipswich, MA
6 Allen Lane, Ipswich, MA
8 Beechwood Road, Ipswich, MA
4 Bayberry Road, Newburyport, MA
540 Jubilee Drive, Peabody, MA
3 Hemlock Drive, Ipswich, MA
143 Highland, Hamilton, MA
156 Ipswich Road, Topsfield, MA
851 Haverhill Street, Rowley, MA
119 Highland Street, Hamilton, MA
19 Norman Road, Hamilton, MA
56 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA
6 Christa Drive, Rowley, MA
15 Hillside Road, Ipswich, MA
28 Turnpike Road, Ipswich, MA
4 Cullivan Lane, Hamilton, MA
321 High Street, Ipswich, MA
78 East Street, Ipswich, MA
19 Island Park Road, Ipswich, MA
6 Herrick Drive, Ipswich, MA
2 Kingfisher Road, Ipswich, MA
1 Kennedy, Ipswich, MA
11 Burnham Road, Wenham, MA
68 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA
31 Mayflower Drive, Wenham, MA
10 Newbury Road, Ipswich, MA
191 Asbury Street, Ipswich, MA
24 Hilltop Road, Ipswich, MA
14 Liberty Street, Ipswich, MA
25 Howe Street, Ipswich, MA
138 Fenno Drive, Rowley, MA
139 Jewett Street, Georgetown, MA
14 Jills Way, Peabody, MA
79 Spencer Knowles Rd, Rowley, MA
29 Crooked Pond Drive, Boxford, MA
27 Mulholland Drive, Ipswich, MA
12 High Street, Ipswich, MA
25 Oakledge Circle, Rowley, MA
3 Oceanside Drive, Beverly, MA
21 Ocean Drive, Ipswich, MA
66 Town Farm Road, Ipswich, MA
39 Kent Street, Newburyport, MA
2 Harris Way, Georgetown, MA
100 Ortins Road, Hamilton, MA
6 Merrimack River Road, Groveland, MA
3 Jutland Way, Ipswich, MA
46 Skytop Road, Ipswich, MA
28 North Ridge Road, Ipswich, MA
75 Summer Street #6, Salem, MA
102 Lilac Meadows Way, Ipswich, MA
410 Old Country Road, Wenham, MA
400-67 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
500-213 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
38 Kimball Avenue #5, Ipswich, MA
6 Karelitz Road, Peabody, MA
6 Safford Street #4, Ipswich, MA
1 Mayfair Court, Ipswich, MA
401-13 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
36 High Street #2, Ipswich, MA
7 Holly Gate Circle, Middleton, MA
28 County Street #2, Ipswich, MA
1 Riverview Heights, Amesbury, MA
62 Washington Street, Ipswich, MA
21 Topsfield Road, Ipswich, MA
2&4 Broadway Avenue, Ipswich, MA
6 Old Essex Road #1, Ipswich, MA
6 Old Essex Road #2, Ipswich, MA


And The Numbers Are Positively Anemic...









So says and I agree! We are experiencing an inventory drought. What does that mean if you're a buyer? There's a good chance you won't be the ONLY one putting in an offer on that new listing. How about if you're a seller? You might experience a full price or even over-asking sale price on your house but be prepared to put the "shoe on the other foot" when you go out shopping.

The bottom line is, if you're on the fence about selling, thinking it's better to wait for the Spring market, my advice would be to take advantage of this dry supply and high demand situation.

Read the full article here.

Median Price for Massachusetts Single Family Homes Drops!

Not here in Ipswich! The Warren Group announces the median price for Massachusetts Single-family homes hovers around the $300,000 mark. gives us the article(click here) but readers need to know the state-wide numbers simply don't jive with all towns. Just to give you one example of what's happening here on the North Shore, Ipswich rings in at a median sale price of $449,900 across the board for all 2012 single family home sales. We are still seeing multiple offer situations combined with a lack of inventory. Today's rates make it a GREAT time to buy and inventory levels make it a GREAT time to sell!

Pay Attention!

To these tips! If you're thinking of selling your house this fall. has some great, practical, often overlooked ideas on how to prepare your home for Fall showings. Click here!


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Something ALL Homeowners Should Know!

New Home Heating Oil Law goes into effect Sepetember 30th, 2011

The new law requires that by September 30, 2011, owners of one- to four-unit residences that are heated with oil must already have or will need to install an oil safety valve or an oil supply line with a protective sleeve on their heating equipment. Installation of these devices must be performed by a licensed oil burner technician. Technicians are employed by companies that deliver home heating oil, or they are self-employed. It is important to note that heating oil systems installed on or after January 1, 1990 are most likely already in compliance because state fire codes implemented these requirements on new installations at that time.   For those who need to install this equipment, state officials estimate that the typical cost of installing either an oil safety valve or oil supply line with a protective sleeve ranges from $150 to $350 (including labor, parts, and local permit fees). While it is an expense that is not insignificant, the costs to clean up a leak can be thousands of dollars.

It is important for home owners to remember that this rule applies to all home owners, regardless of whether they are selling their home or not. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has an excellent, easy-to-understand document that explains this new rule.  Click here to get the comprehensive details on the Home Heating Oil Law from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Ipswich Real Estate-What Sold in June & July 2011?


Address #BR #BA List $ Sale $
Single Family        
213 High St, Ipswich, MA 3 2.5 $159,900 $171,000
46 Howe St, Ipswich, MA 3 1 $323,000 $319,200
17 High St, Ipswich, MA 3 2 $450,000 $392,500
26 Turkey Shore Rd, Ipswich, MA 4 2 $469,900 $438,136
5 Emery Ln, Ipswich, MA 4 2.5 $654,000 $648,000
27 Northgate Rd, Ipswich, MA 3 2 $725,000 $715,000
1 Heatherside Ln, Ipswich, MA 3 1 $285,000 $278,000
5 Bush Hill, Ipswich, MA 4 2 $369,000 $360,000
6 Lakemans Lane, Ipswich, MA 3 1 $389,900 $384,000
76 East Street, Ipswich, MA 5 4.5 $465,000 $421,000
217 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, MA 4 3 $579,000 $601,000
17 Longmeadow Dr, Ipswich, MA 4 3.5 $649,000 $625,000
18 Oakwood Knoll, Ipswich, MA 4 3.5 $725,000 $710,000
5 Lanes End, Ipswich, MA 2 1.5 $309,900 $286,100
3 New Mill Pl, Ipswich, MA 2 2.5 $354,900 $345,000
65 River Pt Dr #26, Ipswich, MA 2 2.5 $359,900 $357,400
61 River Pt Dr #27, Ipswich, MA 3 2.5 $396,900 $396,900
16 Appleton Pk F1, Ipswich, MA 2 1 $96,900 $84,000
500 Colonial Dr #308, Ipswich, MA 2 2 $169,900 $161,400
500 Colonial Dr #104, Ipswich, MA 2 2 $179,000 $165,000
12 New Mill Place, Ipswich, MA 2 2.5 $335,000 $330,000
6 River Court, Ipswich, MA 2 Unit $349,000 $326,500


This representation is based in whole or in part on data supplied by our MLS partners. These entities neither guarantee nor are responsible for data accuracy. Data maintained by MLS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

Topsfield Real Estate-What Sold in June & July 2011?


Address #BR #BA List $ Sale $
Single Family        
18 Gail St, Topsfield, MA 3 1 $189,900 $200,000
83 Wenham Rd, Topsfield, MA 3 2 $459,900 $427,000
150 Perkins Row, Topsfield, MA 4 2.5 $549,000 $530,000
3 Johns Ln, Topsfield, MA 4 3 $665,000 $610,000
129 Hill St, Topsfield, MA 4 3.5 $779,000 $755,000
64 Wenham Rd, Topsfield, MA 3 2 $242,550 $242,500
14 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Topsfield, MA 4 2.5 $549,000 $540,000
37 Parsonage Ln, Topsfield, MA 4 2.5 $599,000 $578,000
30 Ipswich Rd, Topsfield, MA 4 3.5 $599,000 $450,000
47 Great Hill Rd, Topsfield, MA 1 2 $330,000 $296,500
1 English Commons, Topsfield, MA 2 2.5 $698,000 $690,000


This representation is based in whole or in part on data supplied by our MLS partners. These entities neither guarantee nor are responsible for data accuracy. Data maintained by MLS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.