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Oldest Historic Towns in Massachusetts

 It's no wonder, every time I travel, I find myself comparing the landscape, architecture, and feel to home. New England is bursting with charm, history, age, and most of all, roots; and that includes the people. Generations of folks rooted in their hometown right down to the family owned hardware store or donut shop where the 100-year-old floor boards creak and first-names are commonplace, create an energy, a vibe; it's palpable. Historic towns with historic homes and endless history will always be home to me. What town has more First Period homes than any other in the nation? That same town is on permenant exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. You know the one! Where are the oldest towns in Massachusetts?


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Ipswich, MA Home Sales

That House Sold for What? Ipswich, MA Home Sales in 2016! 
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  Single Family      
5 Mulholland Drive Ipswich, MA $525,000 $534,500
7 Capeview Ipswich, MA $799,999 $800,000
63 Clark Road Ipswich, MA $385,000 $385,000
82 Town Farm Rd Ipswich, MA $574,900 $575,400
3 Burton Rd Ipswich, MA $675,000 $635,000
61 The Fairways Ipswich, MA $799,900 $765,000
416 Linebrook Rd Ipswich, MA $374,900 $364,900
20 James Road Ipswich, MA $349,900 $393,837
4 Post Road Lane Ipswich, MA $799,999 $795,000
24 Plains Rd Ipswich, MA $499,000 $480,000
14 Alamo Road Ipswich, MA $750,000 $690,000
3 Spring St Ipswich, MA $485,000 $455,000
24 Clark Road Ipswich, MA $595,000 $595,000
3 Stage Hill Road Ipswich, MA $425,000 $400,000
7 Old Essex Rd Ipswich, MA $335,000 $325,000
4 Maple Ave Ipswich, MA $532,500 $520,000
10 Lafayette Rd Ipswich, MA $379,000 $365,000
3 Turkey Shore Road Ipswich, MA $799,000 $845,000
1 Riverside Dr Ipswich, MA $475,000 $475,000
4 Appleton Park Ipswich, MA $247,000 $197,000
9 Pleasant Street Ipswich, MA $374,900 $368,500
19 Hawk Hill Lane Ipswich, MA $979,000 $939,000
20 Howe St Ipswich, MA $369,900 $355,000
57 North Main St Ipswich, MA $950,000 $945,000
55 Farley Ave Ipswich, MA $725,000 $728,000
29 Lafayette Rd Ipswich, MA $499,000 $480,000
20 Lakemans Ln Ipswich, MA $439,000 $430,000
6 Stone Hill Drive Ipswich, MA $399,000 $399,000
25 Argilla Road Ipswich, MA $465,000 $465,000
29 Choate Ln Ipswich, MA $699,900 $679,000
331 High Street Ipswich, MA $369,000 $369,000
38 Topsfield Rd Ipswich, MA $390,000 $400,000
12 North Ridge Road Ipswich, MA $1,695,000 $1,520,000
4 Appleton Park Ipswich, MA $254,900 $245,000
24 Howe Street Ipswich, MA $389,000 $400,000
10 County Street Ipswich, MA $649,000 $645,000
8 Stonebridge Ipswich, MA $1,124,900 $1,105,000
160 Linebrook Road Ipswich, MA $649,900 $627,500
19 Skytop Road Ipswich, MA $559,000 $547,500
19 Stage Hill Rd Ipswich, MA $499,900 $485,000
13 2Nd St Ipswich, MA $309,000 $298,900
10 Choate Ln Ipswich, MA $629,000 $629,000
208 Argilla Road Ipswich, MA $1,950,000 $1,850,000
231 High Street Ipswich, MA $515,000 $485,000
240 Linebrook Rd Ipswich, MA $679,900 $705,000
46 Argilla Rd Ipswich, MA $699,900 $685,000
10-12 Pleasant Street Ipswich, MA $439,000 $450,000
55 Town Farm Road Ipswich, MA $269,999 $220,000
41 Pineswamp Road Ipswich, MA $325,000 $275,000
41 North Ridge Road Ipswich, MA $225,000 $200,000
2 Central Street #17 Ipswich, MA $200,000 $192,000
21 South Main Street #1 Ipswich, MA $139,000 $136,000
3-5 Soffron Lane Ipswich, MA $135,000 $135,000
29 Summer St Ipswich, MA $289,900 $285,000
400 Colonial Dr #61 Ipswich, MA $187,500 $170,000
11 Soffron Ln Ipswich, MA $268,900 $265,000
7 Soffron Ln Ipswich, MA $269,000 $265,000
38 Kimball Ave #17 Ipswich, MA $299,900 $296,000
23 S Main St #7 Ipswich, MA $305,000 $305,000
8 Broadway #2 Ipswich, MA $153,900 $140,000
29 Summer St  #14 Ipswich, MA $329,500 $319,500
38 River Point Dr #9 Ipswich, MA $449,000 $449,500
68 County Road  #4 Ipswich, MA $224,900 $223,000
25 South Main Street #1 Ipswich, MA $174,900 $160,000
401 Colonial Drive #19 Ipswich, MA $299,900 $299,900
13 New Mill Place Ipswich, MA $365,000 $361,000
200 Colonial Dr Ipswich, MA $187,500 $190,000
16 Appleton Park #G3 Ipswich, MA $145,000 $145,000
31 Mount Pleasant Ave #3 Ipswich, MA $274,900 $280,000


All data collected from MLSPIN 1/1/16-5/11/16

Noel Marecka Joins Windhill!

Noel Marecka began her Real Estate Career in 2008, putting close to a decade of real estate experience under her belt.  Experience with high-end homes, closing short sales in under 3 months , and everything in between, she has a broad and diverse understanding and market expertise. This industry is the perfect pairing for Noel as she loves to meet new people, educate them on the housing market and explore new properties and realistic potential with her clients. She has an "above and beyond" attitude with all her clients and enjoys being there to hold their hand and guide them from start to finish. She prides herself on superior communication so that even the bumpiest transactions can feel seamless and comprehensible to the buyer or seller.

A North Shore Native, Noel was born, raised and currently resides in Ipswich. She grew up in the beautiful seaside town and parted for only a few years from its salty beach air for a college education in Western Mass. This North Shore native is an expert on the area with her extensive knowledge of the school systems, current local political agendas, economic housing trends, period antique homes and distressed properties as well as local area amenities on the North Shore and beyond.

Real Estate is not just a career choice for Noel, but a passion for people and helping them achieve their overall homeownership dreams and needs.

Noel can be reached direct at 978-223-0906

President Betty Slatko!

Betty has been busy making the most of her term as President of the North Shore Association of Realtors. We couldn't have been more proud, seeing her at the lectern, before a packed house at the Salem Waterfront Hotel at the March Legislative member event. It was a day of important information, networking and support for private property rights.

Jay Ash, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, spoke, told a few jokes, and gave us his perspective on the status of housing in the state and an inside view of plans for economic growth. He's actually a pretty funny, approachable guy! 

The event was a huge success and raised over $19,000 in support of the Realtor Political Action Committee"s (RPAC) mission to protect homeowners rights and support the goal of expanding homeownership for MA residents.

Betty is enjoying her presidency and we are enjoying seeing Betty serve her role with passion and gumption. Hail to the Cheif!

Local Real Estate Buzz - MAY DAY MAY DAY!

May 2nd.  This marks the 4th consecutive weekend of swarming open house activity.  Our office alone hosted 5 open houses that entertained 100+ buyers. There were multiple offers/bidding wars on 3 and as of today, 2 are under contract. Buyers, I can't emphasize this enough...make sure you are pre-approved for your mortgage if you want to be able to compete. Here's why a pre-approval is crucial to your home search. Looking for a trustworthy lender who can help you with a pre-approval? Here's our list of preferred providers who have a proven track record. Looking for an agent to represent your best interests, one you can trust, who will be your confidante, advocate and will negotiate on your behalf? Start your home search here, with the greatest real estate team North of Boston.


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Real Estate Buzz

Swarming open house activity the past 3 weekends, multiple offers, bidding wars and sign-in sheets overflowing. I also noticed quite a few "back on market" listings this morning. So if you thought it was gone, you might want to check again. Are you thinking of selling? NOW is the time! The simple rule of supply and demand puts Sellers in a prime position right now. Buyers...make sure you are pre-approved for your mortgage if you want to be able to compete. Looking for a lender who can help you with a pre-approval? Here's our list of preferred providers who have a proven track record. Looking for an agent to represent your best interests, one you can trust, who will be your confidante, advocate and will negotiate on your behalf? The best team of real estate agents North of Boston is right here!

Kevin O'Connor on Ipswich's Favorite Home Building Contest

Ipswich's Favorite Home Building Contest with our very own Kevin O'Connor!  Elementary-schoolers can draw, color, paint their favorite Ipswich home and middle-schoolers can build the (bird) house of their dreams! Get full details here on this year's Ipswich's Favorite Home Art & Building Contest for both age groups. Click here for Elementary registration form. Click here for Middle-school registrations form.