Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

“This is my third sale with Betty.  She is always professional and knows her stuff.  I can’t recommend her more highly!”

“Betty might be my favorite person ever. She was so good at every step of the process – being our advocate, answering questions. Just amazing!!”

“Betty’s performance was beyond exceptional.  She sold our house in three days and for higher than our asking price.”


“Melissa helped a friend of mine purchase a condo and came highly recommended. I've bought and sold quite a few houses and never had such a remarkable experience. Melissa knows her stuff and by the time you're finished with the transaction Melissa has become a part of your family.

I own a house in Savannah, GA which is where I was when I decided to put my N. Andover house on the market.  Melissa went to the house and via FaceTime we got it ready to be listed. My husband and I had been in the house for 18 years so there was an unbelievable amount of stuff to be gotten rid of. Melissa hauled broken patio furniture, a grill, unwanted gardening equipment and many bags of trash to the curb. She delivered clothes and items to Savers. She rearranged the furniture and decluttered the house and made it her business to be around to let workers into the house. The harsh winter caused some of the exterior trim to peel. She matched it and repainted the area. What other real estate agent goes to this length?”

“It took about a month to sell the house and the only reason it took so long was because of an electrical easement that ran through the property. Melissa worked with my husband and me to find articles from NIH and The New England Journal of Medicine debunking any myth about living near power lines. Then she went out and purchased an instrument that would take electrical readings. Ultimately the right buyer came along.  I'm going to miss working with Melissa. By the end of the process Melissa had become not just our agent but our friend.”

“Melissa Silva is an incredible real estate agent.  She treated the sale of my home as if it were her home.  She worked hard getting my house ready for market.  Besides advising me she got physically involved:  hauling trash, painting, moving furniture, dropping off donations and being at my house to let contractors in.  I’ve never met anyone who got as involved with a sale as she, and I’ve sold several homes.  I can’t say enough about Melissa as an agent.  She was invaluable.  As an individual Melissa is kind and trustworthy.  By the end of the process of selling my home I felt like she was a very good friend.”

“Betty might be my favorite person ever. She was so good at every step of the process – being our advocate, answering questions. Just amazing!!”

Toni Riddle

“I have had Toni represent me in several sales and her constant professionalism and attention to detail will always keep me coming back.  She is wonderful to work with!”

“Jane was very professional, extremely thorough, and very empathetic in a tough market.”

“In a situation where nothing went smooth, they were very helpful, patient and understanding. They were also readily available for questions at any time.”

“Our comments relate to Jane Desrochers who we utilized throughout our acquiring our home. (Jane had fully helped our daughter and her husband in acquiring their house in 2007.) Jane responded to all our needs and made sure we didn’t overlook any parts to our acquiring our house.”

Kenneth and Dorothy, Groveland

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