Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"We can't thank Jeff enough.  He did an amazing job finding us the house we love and constantly kept us updated and replied quickly to us.  He was great and we would certainly recommend him."

"Andrea was very organized, detail-oriented and quickly responsive.  What I appreciated the most was her refusal to allow me to get discouraged.  She told me repeatedly that she would find me the right house and she did!"

"Aalin was fantastic to work with!  It took awhile, but she hung in there with us - never discouraged, never giving up.  As a lifelong Ipswich resident, she clearly knows everything about this area and took time to educate us on things we weren't familiar with.  I would highly recommend Aalin!"

"We appreciated Carrie's enthusiasm, knowledge and advice in preparing our home for sale.  Carrie followed through until our final closing and was always available to offer help and advice."

"Sarah and Denise were very knowledgeable about the current market, and they were helpful getting us motivated to meet deadlines for getting our house prepared.  They're an awesome team."

"Sarah and Denise did an outstanding job of helping us to prepare our house for sale and arranging open houses.  We're very pleased with the price that we received for our property.  If they had marketed our house differently it might have remained unsold for an extended period of time and we would have had to reduce the price, as has been the case for other properties on Great Neck."

"Toni Riddle was an amazing agent!  It was my first time buying a home and she made the experience very comfortable for me.  She had my best interest in mind and helped me find the perfect home in my price range.  I'd work with her again in a heartbeat."

"Sarah and Denise were the epitome of professionalism - a rare characteristic in today's business climate.  Their courtesy and attention to detail was impressive."

"Windhill Realty provides exceptional service.  Total satisfaction, efficient, courteous, professional, and above expectation.  Their agents are outstanding and have the ability to reach out to the market and sell property."

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