The Good Word on Windhill

"My real estate advisor was very knowledgable about the real estate industry and the town of Ipswich. She was very hard working and went out of her way to assist my family in the sale of our home."
K.T. Burlington, MA July 2011

"I've worked with her on several transactions and she has proven to be one of the most hard-working and tireless Realtors. She is constantly asking the right questions in order to protect her client's interest and her approach allows the client to make an informed decision on a certain property. I highly recommend her to any potential buyer or seller!" 
Atty M.M. - 2011

"She was our Real Estate Agent for my last house purchase. I have bought five houses and sold three, of all the Agents that have assisted me in these ventures, she was hands down the best. My wife, when it comes to purchasing anything can be nerve wracking to a point that we had three Agents before we came upon her. She was always cheery, helpful but most of all kept her calm and was extremely professional. Before we bought our house of choice we looked at at least two dozen homes, and a couple of them three or four times, she was always happy to be with us, always on time, answered all questions and if she didn't know the answer she got back to us ASAP with the right answer. Once we chose the house we wanted, everything went as smooth as glass up to and including closing. I have highly recommended to many people, and would definitely utilize her services again. 
W.H., Ipswich, MA - 2011

"She is high energy Realtor that knows the market, coupled with a tireless work ethic and likeable personality, makes her one of Windhill's top agents. In my profession, I work with lots of Realtors and can tell you she is at the top of her field"
JY, Ipswich, MA - Local Painter

"She is great! She went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met and my move was smooth!"
JJ, Salem, MA - July 2011

"She was attentive, supportive, very knowledgeable and moved quickly to get our offers in. In the end, this was very important in our real estate transaction. Thank you! We have the perfect home!
AP, Danvers, MA - May 2011

"She was fantastic to work with and helped us every step of the way. She went above and beyond and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who need to buy/sell a house!
SE & EE, Ipswich, MA - May 2011

"Thank you so very much for your assistance. I must admit that there were days that I lost faith that this lofty goal would be reached, but you never faltered and kept on keeping on until lo and we are! With eternal thanks..."
FK, Ipswich, MA - April 2011


"She and the entire team at Windhill made this entire experience stress free for our family. I can not imagine using anyone else!! Thanks so much!"
CL & DL, Ipswich, MA - April 2011


"She did an exceptional job finding and helping us purchase an appropriate home for our needs. She did an excellent job dealing with a very difficult situation."
GG of Ipswich, MA - March 2011

"She was awesome to work with. Thanks for helping us find our first home."
SB & MB - March 2011

"She helped us to find the perfect home for us. She was thorough, professional and dedicated every step of the way. And she responded to questions at 11pm...which for us was a time when we do our best thinking. Thanks you, we love you!!"
LG & KG of Ipswich, MA - March 2011

"Personable, intelligence and "we take a case management approach - we do what it takes to get the job done" were what sold me on her. That proved true and what was what I appreciated."
DF of Ipswich MA - February 2011

"She kept inclose contact at every step of the way. She took the stress out of the whole process and her advice was spot on at every point. We would highly recommend her."
P & K Hamilton of the UK and Rockport, MA - March 2011

"She is fantastic. Her attention to detail was remarkable. We would have her represent us anytime."
PG, Ipswich, MA - February 2011

"I couldn't have had a more confident, reliable, wonderful advisor. She is so professional and everything just went as clockwork. I can never thank her enough. Thank you for everything!"
EC, Ipswich, MA

"They were both absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. They are a great team and I'm so glad I had the help."
JS, Ipswich, MA 

"She is a wonderful real estate advisor and goes above and beyond what she has to. Wish we had known her when we were selling our home. Wish we had known her sooner when we were looking to buy. Windhill is lucky to have her. Thank you."
DP & WP, Ipswich, MA

"She helped us to find the perfect home for us. She was thorough, professional and dedicated every step of the way. And she responded to questions at 11pm...which for us was a time when we do our best thinking. Thanks, we love you!!" 2 exclaimation points!
LG & KG, Ipswich, MA

"She is great! We enjoyed working with her and were increasingly grateful that she was our agent as the purchase unfolded. She was patient, professional, friendly, always available to assist us, and she brought a great sense of humor to the task. We are very impressed with her skills."
JK & LH, Rowley, MA

"We really appreciate the way she took her time and "patience" in making sure that our needs/wants were satisfied."
GM & SM, Peabody, MA

"My real estate associate was extremely helpful, patient, kind and courteous with me through my home search. She understood my needs, my wants and my limitations. She made my first solo home-purchasing experience an excellent process. I could not have been happier!"
HK, Georgetown, MA

"She was professional and made sure that all questions were answered no matter what time of day. I believe that she is an asset to Windhill Realty."
JS & DS, Ipswich, MA

"She was the best. She understoon what I was looking for, found it, and was very helpful with the process that led to closing. Thanks."
EW, Ipswich, MA

"We could not have been happier. We sold our house quicklyand she was there for us 24/7."
RS & KS, Ipswich, MA

"We are satisfied with the over-all assistance we received. We would use her in the future. She understood our needs, we appreciate her help."
WH & HW, Rowley, MA

"She has worked with us for the last 2 years! Inpsected the home at our request, she alerted us to the poor condition of our home, helped us find contractors for repairs - referred us to a lawyer to assist with an eviction - helped us find contractor for a whole house repair and upgrade and eventually listed the house, showed the home endlessly and finally the house is SOLD - and sold to people who will care about it and be an asset to the community. WE ARE VERY HAPPY."
PJ & MB, Ipswich, MA

"She is terrific!"
JS & CS, Hamilton, MA

"Our goal was to sell quickly. With the help and guidance of my two advisors we were on the market - under agreement - and sold in approximately 45 days!"
JK & LK, Ipswich, MA

"Our advisor and the Windhill team handled the listing and sale of this property professionally and efficiently. This was a unique and challenging property and she understood and met our goals to complete the sale within our timeframe. Thanks again!"
RC, Ipswich, MA

"We truly enjoyed her - not only was she thorough, she was friendly and understanding that I had a 4-year old and would play with her while my husband and I looked around! She was great!"
RG & DG, Ipswich, MA

"She did a fantastic job through the entire process. She has a professional, yet warm personality that made an intimidating step in our lives manageable and positive. We would recommend her and Windhill to anyone - we couldn't have been happier with how things went."
DL & ML, Ipswich, MA

"She worked very hard for us and we were at times a little difficult! She really knows what she's doing and always had our best interest in mind!"
SC & EC, Ipswich, MA

"She helped us through what could have been a very stressful time. We very much appreciated her industry knowledge and expertise. Many thanks."
RP & EP, Ipswich, MA

"Not only did we sell our house, but we gained a friend!"
GP & KN, Ipswich, MA

"I can't say enough about her and the exceptional job she did on every aspect of selling our home. In my opinion the staff at Windhill should feel very proud to have her as an employee. We're so very thankful.
WL - Ipswich, MA

"She was exceptional in every way!! She was very informative and kept me up to date at all times. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!! She did it all!! Very personable and a lovely lady inside and out. A great asset to Windhill Realty!! Thank you and God bless.
KA - Ipswich, MA

"I couldn't have had a more confident, reliable, wonderful advisor. She is so professional and everything just went as clockwork. I can never thank her enough. Thank you for everything."
EC - Ipswich, MA

"Both my advisors were absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. They are a great team and I'm so glad I had their help."
JS - Ipswich, MA

"She was extremely thorough and professional. She understood our needs and worked very hard to negotiate on our behalf to reach a favorable outcome. I have already recommended her to friends.
TB - Ipswich, MA

"She understood my timing situation which was critical. She knew what I was looking for and did an excellent job of researching the market. She made herself available to look at various properties day or evening which worked well with my work schedule. It was  a pleasure working with her."
AM - Newburyport, MA

"Very professional, extremely thorough and very empathetic in a tough market."
TD & KD, Rowley, MA

"She did a superb job and I will happily recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell."
PP, Ipswich, MA

"Good Morning Shawn, I appreciate your letter last month thanking me for choosing Windhill Realty. My advisor has been an absolute gem in the sale of my condo.  Her pleasant and funny personality, great organizational skills, availability, and overall communication have made this process a breeze.  For me anyway! I will happily recommend her and  your office to anyone inquiring about real estate. Congratulations on your success and good luck in your move down the street."
PP, Ipswich, MA

"Service was exceptional! My agent was knowledgeable, available and personable. She was very adept at understanding my needs. I will use her for my next transaction."
AL, Boxford, MA

"Thanks for sticking in there with me!"
AP, Stoneham, MA

"She is fantastic. Her attention to detail was remarkable. We would have her represent us any time."
PG, Ipswich, MA

"She was very attentive to details and quick to respond to my many questions. I would certainly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home."
SR, Ipswich, MA

"Thank you for all you have done to move the sale of our house in an expeditious manner. We are very pleased and satisfied with the outcome and know that you put in many extra hours of work to accomplish the task. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we wish you the very best."
DP & WP, Ipswich, MA

"She went above and beyond what she needed to do to fulfill her obligations. She helped make a stressful time much easier. Thank you!"
KC, Ipswich, MA

"We utilized our agent throughout acquiring our home. She had already helped our daughter and her husband in acquiring their house in 2007. She responded to all our needs and made sure we didn't overlook any parts to our acquiring our house."
KC & DC, Georgetown, MA

"She was an A+ agent in my book! Couldn't be happier!"
JR & EC, Ipswich, MA

 "Our Windhill agent was professional, knowledgable, caring and easy to communicate with. The whole transaction was painless for us. She made it all so easy! We are more than satisfied!"
EC - Ipswich, MA

"Our advisor did an exceptional job throughout our entire process of researching the market, showing us properties and through to completion of the purchase. Thank YOU!"
CB & NB - Ipswich, MA

"She is exceptional in every way! She was always available, excellent customer service and had an incredible attention to detail. She helped me in every conceivable way - felt like a good friend rather than a real estate broker."
PQ - Ipswich, MA

“Windhill went well above and beyond in negotiating, providing support in making connections to crucial service providers and has been there for me every step of the way. My agent has been an absolute miracle worker on a difficult sale can’t say enough. She was a Godsend!!”                                    
DB- Ipswich, MA 

“We enjoy working with our Windhill Advisor and feel she really knows the market. She is responsive and readily available, and worked diligently to find us the right home. She is honest and trustworthy and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in town.” 
CS & AF - Ipswich, MA
“Our advisor was fantastic. She is the ultimate professional. She led two seniors through this entire process with warmth and understanding. She had answers to all our questions.”
JC – Danvers, MA
“He was professional, friendly, available, and committed to the sale of our home! Thank you.”
SV & KV – Beverly, MA
“Due to my personal situation, there were many delays and our advisor stayed patient, friendly and professional throughout. There were also a couple of occasions where another Windhill advisor helped out. She was also friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Windhill Realty. 
MA – Peabody, MA
“Thanks so much for all your help. Thanks for your patience and thanks for sealing the deal when it almost fell through.” 
AS – Peabody, MA
“Windhill went above and beyond to help us find our perfect home. Our agent made herself available 24/7, even when on vacation. I am sure that we would not have this home without our agent’s expertise and persistence.” 
OG & TG – Boxford, MA
“Windhill has themselves a talented realtor and great person. We really enjoyed working with our advisor.”
RH & BH – Rowley, MA
“It was a pleasure meeting with all of you on Friday to discuss possible synergies between our groups. I rarely meet with investors whose business model is identical to my own.   In addition there are very few brokerages with agents like Windhill’s, who truly understand the types of property that makes our business successful. Sometimes it can't be quantified and is more of an "I know it when I see it" idea. That is difficult to teach a broker that does not have real estate investment experience.” 
CP – Newbury, MA
“My agent was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. She had a very good understanding of what I was looking for and was so wonderful during the whole process. She made my first home purchase a great experience and has earned a customer for life. I am already highly recommending her to anyone remotely interested in buying or selling in this area. Thank you so very much!” 
YL – Ipswich, MA
“She has always demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty in her interactions with everyone involved in any real estate transaction (and we have had a few!) She is a true asset to your company and we wouldn’t hesitate to have her assist us again or to recommend her to someone else.”  
KH – Ipswich, MA
“My agents represented me in two real estate purchases and one sale and have been fabulous throughout the years. Their support and patience made my life much easier. Thanks!” 
KN – Ipswich, MA
“Both of my Windhill advisors were awesome to work with; the most organized people we have dealt with in a long time. Their positive and uplifting manner helped us through some very stressful moments.
JM – Byfield, MA

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