Ipswich - Local Color & Crane Beach Color Blast & Ipswich's Favorite Home Art Contest All-In-One Weekend!


Local Color; Spring’s answer to Autumn’s Illumination. Saturday, April 29, Downtown Ipswich & Riverwalk

2-5 p.m. Family Friendly Events & Activities

Mandala coloring station and art gallery featuring masterpieces by Ipswich elementary students. Cast your vote for Viewer’s Choice and free raffle for water color by local artist Kathy Gallant. Windhill Realty - 16 Market Street

FANtastic SpinArt: Add paint to a spinning fan motor with the blades removed to create a colorful and unique design on a paper plate.

ColorForms: People can create their own magnetic design for display on the Ipswich ReCreation trailer, a concept that imitates the vinyl, re-stickable playset made famous in the 1950s. 

Three Ring SpiroGraph Circus: Produce a series of geometric shapes that combine to form a creative design. Once the Spirograph is made, it will be turned in to a button for people to wear for the day. 

LightBright - In the spirit of the classic game of the same name, patrons will create their own peg art on an oversized board which will be backlit to reveal their design.

Paper Chain: Make paper chain links in one long continuous community paper chain. The world record for longest paper chain is 15 miles, so while Ipswich might not get there, Bates feels it is a lofty goal to set. 

Jackson Pollock Public Painting Party: Pollack, a famous abstract painter from the 1940s and 1950s, became fascinated with the paint residue on his drop cloth, in essence the unintentional painting created while painting. A giant drop cloth will be set up on the River Walk so the community can create its own Pollack splatter painting by splashing whatever color they choose anywhere, anyhow on the surface.

Name of the Game is Color Mixing: Combine different paints to create a unique color. People will name their color, and Tedford’s will have a contest to see which color is purchased the most over the coming year 

Ipswich Soda Pop Taste Testing: Kids can try all the wonderfully pigmented soft drinks created by the Ipswich Brewing Company and vote for their favorite.

Flower the Footbridge: a giant rainbow balloon arch created by Ipswich Flowers will welcome people to the River Walk. 

The following events are, all within walking distance of the River Walk:

Mandala coloring station and art gallery: featuring masterpieces by Ipswich elementary students. Cast your vote for Viewer’s Choice and free raffle for water color by local artist Kathy Gallant. Windhill Realty - 16 Market Street

High Spirits & Robin Eggs: 12 dozen plastic blue robin eggs will be scattered around the statue “High Spirits” located on the North Green. Each egg will be filled with a scroll of poetry and small bag of wildflower seeds. People are encouraged to toss the seeds into local fields so that when the flowers bloom, bursts of color will pop up throughout town.

Dow Arts Block Printing: Create a block printing project in the style of Arthur Wesley Dow at the Zodiac Paint Store. Dow was an influential painter who owned an art school in late 19th century Ipswich and influenced such talents as Georgia O’Keefe. 

Color Me Beautiful: Betsy Frost Design provides face painting for the kids and offers a discount on all of her most colorful items in the store. In addition, Green Elephant Toys is having a sale on kites to bring to Sunday’s color blast at Crane’s Beach. 

Pop Culture at Nostos Boutique: Superhero-themed coloring pages for the kids and make-you-own comic book for the adults. 

Mid-Century Color: Lauren XXX, owner of Be Modern, is giving an informal lecture about the unique color styles of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Her showroom has been rearranged to demonstrate the styles of each decade. 

Ipswich Train Exhibit: “The Railroad in Ipswich” train display will be in its final weekend. The model is a scaled replica of the train and tracks that brought people and industry to Ipswich in 1914, and the exhibit features pictures and information about the railroad and the town in that time.  

The following are performances that will take place on and around the River Walk on Saturday:

Crane Beach Color Blast Sunday, April 30 from 1-3 p.m.

The Om Drum Circle will provide the rhythm for the day. 

Beach Bonfire, bring and fly a kites, blow bubbles, hoola hoops


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Introducing! Andrea Della Valle!

All of us are very excited to welcome Andrea to our team! Andrea, a self-proclaimed "real estate junkie", brings an intense desire to combine her natural inclination to help people with her varied career skillset, the wealth of knowledge now by her side with team Windhill, and her excitement to be finally pursuing one of her dreams! You might recognize her from Doyon or Winthrop Elementary, Sullivan Insurance, Open Doors events, FRIES, or even Fidelity!  Get to know Andrea Della Valle by reading her full profile here


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57 South Main Street in Ipswich, MA - Oh the History!

57 South Main Street Ipswich MAPinkies up! Thank you Gordon Harris for keeping history alive. We are currently marketing some commercial space in a building recenlty purchased by one of our clients, 57 South Main Street, Ipswich, MA. Turns out, this location is steeped (pun intended) in tea room history. Check out Gordon's fascinating Stories From Ipswich and read about the former Ipswich Mills Tea House.


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Gallons of Paint Turned Artists & Easels! Creative Space Opens in Ipswich MA

Bob Ross would be proud! Gallons of paint have become artists and easels! It was such a joy to see creativity happening in this beautiful downtown Ipswich, Market Street space that has long been vacant. There will be classes taught by local artists! What an exciting addition to our downtown. Read the full story from Wicked Local here.


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Windhill's Annual Art Contest - 2017

Ipswich Kids! It's that time again! Find your favorite "house" in Ipswich (it can even be your own) and get creative! All mediums accepted, 8.5x11 preferred. This is a perfect project for April school vacation. Drop your artwork at our office, along with the registration form below, no later than Saturday, April 29th. Keep an eye on our facebook page for your masterpieces! Stay tuned for details on this year's Viewer's Choice voting opportunity and gallery showing held in conjunction with the Local Color and Crane Beach Color Blast weekend!

Repurposed Real Estate - Rewriting History

Great story of an iconic piece of real estate being brought back to life! I adore stories like this where an historic property is revived. What was once the Hood Ice Cream Factory, way back in 1917, will eventually be 10 condos with 19 townhomes adjacent. I think all the homes should come with a freezer fully stocked with Hood! Read the entire story from Historic Salem Inc here.

Best Sledding on the North Shore

Rumor has it, these are some of the best sledding spots on the North Shore!

Woodsom Farm - Amesbury

New England Sports Park - Amesbury

Ward Reservation - Andover

Lynch Park - Beverly

Beverly Golf and Tennis Club - Beverly

Endicott Park - Danvers

Stavros Reservation - Essex

Stage Fort Park - Gloucester

Bass Rocks Golf Club - Gloucester

Veasey Park - Groveland

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate - Ipswich

Cable Gardens Hill - Ipswich

Gannon Municipal Golf Course - Lynn

Essex County Club - Manchester

Seaside Park - Marblehead

Gatchell Playground - Marblehead

Ould Newbury Golf Club - Newbury

Maudslay State Park - Newburyport

Bartlet Mall - Newburyport

March's Hill - Newburyport

Brooksby Farm - Peabody

Evans Field - Rockport

Mack Park - Salem

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - South Hamilton

Jackson Park - Swampscott

Phillips Park - Swampscott

Wheatland Hill - Topsfield

Wenham Country Club - Wenham


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Home Ownership Matters

Team Windhill supports a number of efforts to maintain the integrity of the homeownership industry as a whole. Thank you Betty Slatko for leading the charge!

NSAR Immediate Past President, Betty Slatko presents a check from the Massachusetts REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) to Representative Brad Hill at a recent meeting in Ipswich, MA.

Rep. Hill has been a long-time supporter of REALTOR® and home ownership issues including recent issues such as Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief and Copper Pipe Theft Prevention.