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Welcome Kathleen Hughes!

Windhill Realty Welcomes Kathleen Hughes - Our Newest Sales Advisor

Kathleen has lived in Ipswich with her husband and daughter for the past twenty three years. She is familiar with the beauty and unique qualities of Ipswich, having bought and sold three homes in very different parts of town. Kathleen spent ten years on Great Neck, where her family enjoyed the magnificent ocean views, several years at an equestrian property and has now settled on the Ipswich River in downtown Ipswich, which also offers wonderful advantages.  She loves the North Shore and spends her free time exploring and taking advantage of all it has to offer in terms of beaches, boating and hiking.  Having lived on the North Shore for most of her life, Kathleen is very familiar with all of the cities and towns that make up this special area and looks forward to sharing them with her clients.Having lived on the North Shore for most of her life, Kathleen is very familiar with all of the cities and towns that make up this special area and looks forward to sharing them with her clients.

Kathleen received her bachelor's degree at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and her master's degree from Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.  As a long time counselor and educator in the Hamiliton/Wenham School District, Kathleen brings to the real estate business her ability to truly listen to her clients and guide them through the decision making process.  She understands how important and emotional finding the right home, or selling a well-loved home can be.  Kathleen's philosophy is that building a trusting relationship with a client is the key to working well together, and she is prepared to work tirelessly on behalf of her clients to find the perfect fit.

We are excited to have Kathy on the Windhill Team.

Kathleen can be reached at


Who Is Windhill Anyway?

I guess you could say, Andrea Lacroix, originally from Ocean Township, NJ, has real estate sales in her blood. She watched her mom successfully pair up buyers and sellers on the Jersey Shore and realized at a young age she had the real estate 'bug'.

Fresh out of college, Andrea's calling began to unfold;  a member of Boston Cares, a volunteer agency that mobilizes 25,000 volunteers annually, and a 'can counselor' for the Boston Food Bank, she invented her own position as chief organizer for many community events that comingled the two volunteer groups. Her fondest memories of which included her highly attended singles nights where she created the 'salad toss' (of the human kind) where she would arrange her volunteers, alternating male and female, then have them shift positions, or 'toss'. Her joy quickly revealed itself in bringing people and community together and watching them connect, the early days of 'match-making' if you will.

Many years have passed since Andrea's match-making days but her skills, passion and drive to bring people together has only strengthened. Andrea now devotes herself to her full time real estate career as an Advisor for Team Windhill. She has developed a reputation among her coworkers as the go-to helper for all things technology, which comes in very handy and is much appreciated by our staff. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her energy endless and her clients approve! 


Andrea makes her home here in Ipswich with her husband Marc and one adorable cat, Dusty. And despite her busy schedule she still makes time to preserve her volunteerism that's been a constant throughout her life. She serves dinners to the homeless at Mitch's Place in Haverhill, supports the Open Doors of Ipswich committee this year by organizing 60+ volunteers, serves on the board of TOOTH (The Orchestra on The Hill) a non-profit orchestra and every Friday she has her hands in the dirt at Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton harvesting organic produce which supports her food sustainability mission.

Andrea Lacroix can be reached at 508-561-1161 &

I'll let HER tell you how she went from gymnast to rifle-twirler!

Who is Windhill Anyway?

Don't expect a manly voice! Those of you who don't already know, 'Toni' isn't a 'Tony'. Toni (Farina) Riddle, a true Ipswich Townie, born (one of the last to leave the maternity ward at Cable Hospital) and raised all her life. She even married her Ipswich high school classmate, Rob Riddle 31 years ago this September. Together they've raised 2 kids, now in their 20's, one a student at UVM and one a graduate of the GIA in San Diego, CA.

Toni has been spotted many places around town over the years leading up to her now 15-year real estate career which began in 1998. Along the way she was a well-known and adored bartender at the once landmark, Lewis's in Essex (now history), worked for a cardiologist in Ipswich for 5 years, was voted senior class president in school and still runs the class reunions, her 35th coming up this Fall.

Toni comes from a big family and still hosts traditional Sunday dinners regularly at her long-time family home. She's happy to be the hub of her family wheel, insisting on doing whatever it takes to keep everyone close. Preparing, serving and cleaning up takes a lot of time and effort but it's worth it to Toni. "It keeps the family together and the kids get upset if we have to skip one." Strega Nona, her beloved and mammoth sauce pot makes regular appearances when the traditional carries over to her legendary Italian gravy (tomato sauce) recipe which Toni has since learned to modify for the vegetarians in her family.  I might also mention that I'm the lucky recipient of the leftovers quite often! Yes, she even takes good care of me. Making folks comfortable by exuding kindness and generosity is the Toni-way. She treats her clients like family. Here's what folks have to say about working with Toni:

"She was fantastic and went above and beyond to satisfy our every need." "She knows the town culture and traditions. These skills gave me the best return in this market." "She is the BEST!!! She helped us buy our last house and we thought of no one else for our last purchase. She is honest, fair and committed to her clients" And those are just a taste of the many testimonials we've received over our long history with Toni.

Speaking of long history, Toni has built a lengthy list of loyal, lasting relationships over the years. Her solid reputation, generous personality and concrete ethical standards have brought her a lot of success, success of the Toni-kind, maybe not what you assume that to mean. She works hard in this tough business of real estate because the personal reward she gets from helping people cope with and manage the changes (good and bad) life serves up. She pours her heart and soul into delivering what her clients need and often gives her time away for free to help people. Clients are just an extension of family at her table. Come to think of it, everyone is.


Toni doesn't like the spotlight so we gave top billing to Frank, one of her beloved rescued greyhounds. Thinking about adopting one? Toni can help!

Need help with life changes and real estate decisions? Or maybe you would just like to sit at her table for dinner, get some great gardening tips or find out where you too can get yourself a Strega Nona? She can help with that too!

Toni can be reached at 978-233-2832,

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Who is Windhill Anyway?

This post is part of my new Biography series. I've decided to give you a rare inside look, a commentary by those close to the subject. I'm setting a new standard for shopping local, creating a new level of intimacy between us. Our business is relationship driven and that's quite personal. We are so much more than a brand. We're people, just like you, and I want you to know who you're dealing with. I went first, now for my team...

Introducing Jeff Silva - Windhill AdvisorClick here for full profile.

Jeff is an appraiser turned real estate agent which means he's got an extra layer of expertise we all often find ourselves tapping into for questions of actual real estate values vs. how the banks see those values. He's been handy to have around.

But Jeff is that and so much more...Jeff is in his 4th year as V.P. of Doyon FRIES, Friends of the Ipswich Elementary Schools, the parent teacher organization or PTO that supports and enhances education for the Winthrop and Doyon Schools. Currently their mission is to enhance technology. Every other year a casino night is a major fundraiser. The last few times it's been held at Turner Hill. Keep your eye out for the next one coming soon in 2014. I heard it's a fun night!  Jeff is also on the board of directors for Ipswich Rotary and Ipswich Youth Lacross. He also coaches for U-13 Ipswich Lacross as well as basketball. Phew!

So you can see he's a pretty busy guy. But somehow, he has found the time to instill the power of giving back in his kids...EXACTLY the kind of guy we like having on our team and EXACTLY the kind of thing that gets me all worked up! Jeff's son Connor volunteers for the Service Dog Project. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until now. Meet Scarlet...

Scarlet is a Great Dane being trained to assist individuals who have severe balance and mobility issues and Connor helps take care of her. Great job Connor! Scarlet will eventually be paired up with a war veteran, a child or maybe someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Way to go Jeff! Teaching your kids the value of giving back makes this world a better place.

Contact Jeff with any questions about FRIES, Ipswich Lacross, Ipswich Rotary, the Service Dog Project, real estate values, etc. 

 It's nice working with you Jeff! Glad you're on our team.  

Jeff is shy, that's why his photo is way down here.

Press the Red Button and Turn the Chair Around!


The person behind the "voice" of Windhill Realty steps out.

Who is she anyway?

SHE is ME ... Jenn!  

Read my profile - click here.

But there's more ... deeply rooted here on the North Shore, real estate fanatic, licensed in real estate as a teenager and after a 26 year career still excited about this business, tenacious parent, American-dream-believer, permaculture and community supported agriculture advocate, dancer with a voracious appetite for music, avid reader of military non-fiction, banana bread baker, creative thinker, car enthusiast and ukelele player wanna-be.

People say I'm the glue, genuine, authentic, real, class act, goofy, modest, earthy... I say I'm just a plain old girl in clown shoes trying to spread joy while doing what I love.

You'll be hearing from me. I promise not to sing. But here I am...facing you, excited to share everything I know about real estate, local organic farming, community events, everything Ipswich, fun things to do with your kids, salsa dancing, healthy eating, non-fiction reads, live music venues, interesting restaurants and where to get cool and delicious things by local folks.

I'm not in sales. I hold my team together.  I'm here to make and keep connections and I believe in what I do. So talk to me, connect, consider me a resource. I want to make a difference.