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My House Failed Title V. What Are My Options?

Here in Ipswich, MA as well as across the north shore, we have a high number of septic systems and Title V is commonly part of most real estate transactions. We make it a priority to be well-informed and current on all changes by having regular sessions with our board of health director and constant information sharing. There are many nuances to managing a transaction with a septic system and I highly recommend you hire an agent who truly understands Title V. Thank you to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors for sharing these important facts: 

Q. I am selling a home that has a failed Title 5 inspection. What are my seller’s options?

A. Aside from very limited circumstances, a property must have a passing Title 5 inspection within 2 years before a transfer takes place. An inspection is not required before a transfer in the following situations:

1.     Refinancing or any situation where no new parties are introduced;

2.     a transfer between spouses;

3.     a transfer between parents and child(ren);

4.     a transfer between full siblings; and

5.     where the property is held in a trust.

A property owner or buyer of a property with a failed inspection may also enter into an enforceable agreement with the Board of Health requiring them to upgrade the system or connect to the public sewer within 2 years following the transfer of title. If a property owner has entered into this type of agreement, they must disclose it to prospective buyers, and it must be binding on subsequent owners.

The most straightforward option available to sellers with a failed Title 5 inspection is to repair or replace the system prior to transfer. However, this may not be a viable option for all sellers because of the expense involved. In these situations, the seller and buyer may negotiate a resolution that satisfies both the requirements of the law as well as the financial well-being of all parties involved.

Windhill Warriors Bowling for a Cause!

Team Windhill bowling for a great cause at Kings in Lynnfield. Our six strong bowlers Kathy Hughes, Tracey Berger, Aalin Hubbard, Nicole DiCarlo, Tim Lasquade and Shawn Cayer got a boost from Aalin with her strike streak and the entire Windhill Warrior team made the most noise at this sold-out evening! Sarah Winderlin, Andrea Della Valle, Jane Desrochers and Denise Mootafian heated up the 4-way Pac-Man table, Toni Riddle and Shawn Cayer ruled basketball, golf pro Jess Murphy impressed the guys, pinball wizard Tracey Berger broke the machine and foosball hockey champion Toni Riddle left Jenn Meuse and Betty Slatko in the dust! Making great memories with these amazing people.

Andrea Della Valle - A Joy and a True Professional

Time flies when you're working with someone like Andrea! Andrea presented herself with such excitement to be finally pursuing one of her dreams! And we sure are glad she picked Windhill!

Now that it's been a year, ask her what she loves about working at Windhill and she will tell you that the team environment, which she mentions frequently, is something she truly appreciates. Andrea has been knocking it out of the park in terms of business and more importantly, she's a joy to work with. Her clients adore her and so do we! Happy Anniversary Andrea! 

Get to know Andrea Della Valle! Stop by and say hello! She would love to see you!

Peach's Point in Marblehead Massachusetts

Have you seen Windhill Builders' latest project? Coming soon...Waterfront dreams at Peach's Point in Marblehead. Windhill Builders is very proud to be selected as the builder for this new and very exciting project!  The scope will entail renovating this turn-of-the-century, once seasonal home and making it into a year-round residence for its new owners. This major, whole-house renovation including mechanicals, siding, kitchen, baths and much more is sure to be a remarkable transformation. Peach's Point, also known as Peaches Point, holds some fascinating history. The Fourth of July celebrations, tea parties and croquet tournaments where President Taft once summered are easy to conjure. Pam Peterson of Wicked Local penned a great "Marblehead 101" article. Marblehead Magazine also published a very in-depth look into the Peach family as one of the founding families of Marblehead. Follow the project and watch the transformation on the Windhill Builders Facebook Page. View our portfolio at www.WindhillBuilders.com.




Can Texts be Legally Binding in a Real Estate Transaction?

Can exchange of emails and text messages create a binding and enforceable agreement? A million years ago, sitting in my real estate law class, I can still hear my professor professing that in order for a contract to be enforceable, it must be signed. But that was long before smart phones, texting and even emails. Today's technology has colored some areas grey. Justin Davidson of the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® give us the real deal on texting and whether or not it can get you in a (legal) bind.

Repurposed Real Estate - Rewriting History

Great story of an iconic piece of real estate being brought back to life! I adore stories like this where an historic property is revived. What was once the Hood Ice Cream Factory, way back in 1917, will eventually be 10 condos with 19 townhomes adjacent. I think all the homes should come with a freezer fully stocked with Hood! Read the entire story from Historic Salem Inc here.

Home Ownership Matters

Team Windhill supports a number of efforts to maintain the integrity of the homeownership industry as a whole. Thank you Betty Slatko for leading the charge!

NSAR Immediate Past President, Betty Slatko presents a check from the Massachusetts REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) to Representative Brad Hill at a recent meeting in Ipswich, MA.

Rep. Hill has been a long-time supporter of REALTOR® and home ownership issues including recent issues such as Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief and Copper Pipe Theft Prevention.

Don't Invite a Fire to Your House this Winter!

Did you know? Nearly a third of total-loss house fires happen in December, January & February? I had no idea. Thank you Realtor.com for the reminder! These things to watch out for seem obvious but worth the cursory glance. Read the list of dangerous things that can spark a house fire. I'm going home to make sure my outlet adaptors are not warm to the touch or overloaded. And if you have a live tree, make sure it's watered!