NEW Windhill Building

Windhill Steps Up for Local History.

Bonnie Hurd Smith, CEO of HistorySmiths recently wrote an article and published it on her website, Read the full article. Here's what she had to say about Windhill Realty and Shawn Cayer, the owner:

My second story takes place in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and although the business involved has not been around for 30 years as Biff Michaud's has, their recent actions ensure the stability of historical resources that are well over 30 years old and will last for another 130. I am talking about Windhill Realty, and Shawn Cayer, who recently received the prestigious annual Community Service Award from the North Shore Association of Realtors.

 To be honest, I am not aware of everything Windhill does in their community, but knowing Shawn, it's considerable. The history-related project I want to call attention to is the "Old Ipswich News Building" on Market Street in the heart of downtown Ipswich.

A couple of years ago, this small wooden building was decimated by fire.  What would happen to what was left of it? Everyone in town was concerned. Arguing ensued, followed by a demolition delay, lots of angst, opinions, and letters to the editor of the local paper. Finally, Shawn Cayer bought the building after securing the assistance of his colleague Mat Cummings, the Ipswich architect who specializes in preserving and renovating old houses. With backing from The First National Bank of Ipswich, Shawn and Mat transformed a blighted hole in downtown Ipswich into a jewel of an office building that looks like it's been there since 1840. Truly.

Shawn could have done pretty much anything he wanted to with the building because Ipswich, unfortunately, has very few restrictions and no historic district. Shawn could also have hired a less reputable and accomplished architect. Instead, every one of his decisions ensured that this building would help preserve the historic character of Ipswich's Market Street. What a wonderful steward! And by the way? Windhill Realty's offices are now housed there, so you can go inside and see for yourself what Shawn and Mat achieved - and what will still be there for many years to come.

Well, done, gentlemen!

A Huge Success! Over 200 Attend Windhill's Open House!

We are all exhausted! Beautiful flower arrangements, plants, cards and personal greetings started arriving early in the day and visitors were coming through the door well into the evening. Thank you Ipswich Community for supporting us! Thank you to the Windhill team for all your hard work!

More photos coming soon!


Why Would Superman Want to "Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound" if he Could Fly?

Because when Superman was first created he did not fly! He was able to leap great distances. The power of flight was added to him at a later date.

Here at Windhill, we can relate! After leaping great distances we are now flying! We've recently moved into our newly purchased building at 16 Market Street, downtown Ipswich and it's magnificent. And...

Despite the setbacks of a typical move, WINDHILL IS  CURRENTLY THE #1 IPSWICH REAL ESTATE COMPANY with just under $6.2 million dollars in transactions, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!

Our new neighbors have all given us a super warm welcome. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful community that supports the local business man. You've helped us reach new heights! 

Save the date and help us celebrate (and finally get to see this place in person)!  SUPER GRAND OPENING Wednesday June 16th 4-7pm.  Stay tuned. No cape required!

See you then! 16 Market Street, Ipswich

Rising Tide in Downtown Ipswich

The 100 year flood 4 years later! Everyone has a story today whether it's flooded basements, inaccessible roadways, trees down, businesses without communications or the soothing sound of sump pumps. Here in downtown Ipswich, the rising tide behind The Windhill Building coincides with the rising real estate tide we are experiencing. Our boss has been "swamped" with keeping the Ipswich River OUT of 16 Market Street while the rest of us here at 55 Market Street are busy servicing an early Spring market rush. Our office meeting today revealed a plethora of listings soon to hit the market as well as reports of very busy open houses, lots of buyers ready to go and even more multiple offer situations. Things are moving faster than we expected. Contact a Windhill Advisor before the tide subsides!

And in case you were wondering, not even high-water can hold us back. Plans to occupy our new building will not be delayed. Pumps are working hard and we expect everything to remain on schedule! Still packing and still excited about the move; even if we have to rent a barge instead of a moving truck!

The Windhill Building - Downtown Ipswich

Loads of materials are on site and being installed:  hardwood flooring, cabinetry, doors, moldings and trim. The installers are painstakingly toiling over the details. Notice the curved walls and substantial moldings. Paint has been selected and wait 'til you see the color palette! Our interior designer has something very special planned. Watch for future updates! We are cleaning house here at 55 Market Street, getting ready for the move!


The Windhill Building is Starting to Look Like Home!

I toured our new building the other day and was very excited to see everything taking shape. The plaster and recessed lights make such a difference when trying to visualize the space. The windows let in beautiful light, even on the day a Northeaster faked out the Northeast. My new office is the perfect size and now I can think about paint colors, nantucket grey or weston flax...I can't decide. 

Thinking of buying or selling?  Thinking about a renovation? Considering refinancing? Wondering what your next move should be? Take advantage of our 200+ years of experience. The Windhill team wants to help.