Blog :: 07-2014

Right in Our Back Yard!


Thank you for reminding us to "escape"...without having to leave. Where to play, stay, eat and shop on Cape Ann Click Here! Sometimes referred to as part of Metropolitan Boston, often considered part of Cape Ann and always included as part of the North Shore, Ipswich is the perfect home base for all these fantastic day trips! But be forewarned...often times folks come for a visit and stay for a lifetime. We can help you with that!

HALF of the United States Population Lives in These Counties! Guess Where!

Feeling a little crowded? It's not your imagination. Half of the United States population lives in these counties and SIX of these counties are in Massachusetts! Business Insider gives us the full list. Click here. I took it a step further...Brace yourself Massachusetts-ites!


California, with 155,779 square miles and a total population of 38+million has about 239 people per square mile. Florida, with 53,624 square miles and a total population of 19+million has about 350 people per square mile. Massachusetts, with only 7,800 square miles and a total population of 6+million has about 839 people per square mile! NO WONDER I CAN NEVER FIND A PARKING SPACE! WOW!  But to help you put that into perspective, NY has 411 ppsm (people per square mile). RI comes in at 1,018 and NJ a whopping 1,195. Phew!

Looking for more elbow room in Massachusetts? We specialize in open space properties here on the North Shore yet only a short train ride to Boston. We can help!  978-356-8922.