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What's Your Real Estate Agent Doing Behind Your Back?

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Great article from and it's not what you're thinking! Almost 30 years in this business, someone recently asked me what makes a great real estate agent. The skill set required would have to include psychology degree, therapist manner, law degree, negotiating extraordinaire, 

Mortgage Interest Rates on the Rise

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There’s no doubt that “the era of ultra-low interest [mortgage] rates is over,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors®, in a statement. That's the quote that stopped me in my tracks.

I wish I could tell you that lower home prices will offset the rate increase but currently we are still experiencing low [...]

Mass Housing Announces New Down Payment Program

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Over the years there have been many down payment programs rolled out by by cities and towns that offered similar down payment assistance and guidelines; however, the funding was often limited and would run out quickly. This plan seems a bit more robust on the surface. The [...]

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