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"In a Sense, it has Elevated Real Estate Markets as a Centerpiece of Our Lives."

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Thank you for the 'pandemic poetry' Elena Cox, in your well-written article for! Our local real estate market has definitely been rocked by Covid-19, as you say, and your story rings true here on the northshore of Boston, MA. 

My favorite line: "Frenzied, take-no prisoners bidding wars might even quiet down into mere skirmishes." Our team of well-seasoned REALTOR professionals wholeheartedly hopes that will come to fruition, soon, really soon!


Despite the hardships these conditions have manifested, real estate, or what we call "HOME", has always been the centerpiece of our lives. We are proud to have been considered essential since the beginning of the pandemic; we are. 

Read Elena's full article here: How the U.S. Housing Market Was Rocked by COVID-19—and Where We Go From Here.

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