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Windhill Holiday Party at Ipswich Country Club 2015

We ended the year with a bang! Great times had by all at the 2015 Windhill holiday party held at Ipswich Country Club featuring this beautiful cake by Jessica Murphy celebrating our 10 years in business! We invited the great Groove Alliance band to perfom and help us celebrate! Oh what a night!


Spreading Cheer!

Thank you Ipswich Community and thank you Team Windhill for your kindness and generosity. Lynne Gibbs met us at the Ipswich Food Pantry today where we delivered a truck-load of food items just in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, over $300 in gift cards was being delivered to Grace Center of Cape Ann to provide homeless guests and secluded seniors with some unexpected holiday cheer. 

Giving Back - You Can Make a Difference

Every holiday season we identify a handful of local organizations in need and spread out our efforts to help. This year is no different and we are in the middle of our holiday giving. Thinking about making a donation to the Ipswich Food Pantry? Stop by! We are open Monday-Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 9-3. Bring non-perishible (not expired) food items. We will make sure the pantry has it in time for Christmas. 

We are also trying to help out Grace Center this year. Grace serves 50-70 homeless and lonely seniors daily. They are based out of 3 different locations on Cape Ann and for $5 you could make someone's day. Read more about Grace Center and how you can give the gift of grace this year here.


In addition to Grace Center and Ipswich Food Pantry, we are also supporting Ipswich Caring with books for children and Ipswich Humane Group through the Tree Jubilee at Marini Farm. If you haven't visited Marini's lately, stop by this weekend and check out the Jubilee. All proceeds go to Ipswich Humane.


Hello? It's Me...

Occasionally we walk into a home and as the homeowner is escorting us to the second floor to proudly show off the master bedroom suite that was added last year, after combining what was once two smaller bedrooms, into one (wince), we smile and agree how yes indeed it is spacious and beautiful. But...we are silently wishing you would have called.

Hello? It's me...

your local, experienced REALTOR offering complimentary consultations on real estate planning. We are here to help you avoid certain home improvement blunders, like Amy Hoak, who wrote this excellent and informative article, "Renovations that Could Lower Your Home's Value". She's spot on folks. Please note, like all financial planning, real estate is no different. Just like Amy says, "Everything is relative to what the homeowner's long-range intent is." We agree and coach our clients to look forward, consider circumstances current and future before making decisions of such epic proportion. 

Thinking about renovations? Call us. First. 978-356-8922



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Help Your Parents Make Their Retirement Funds Last Longer


Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation, raising kids AND your aging parents? Maybe you're the slice of bread on top or the aging parent and have no intention of trading in your long history and beloved memories for a one-level living arrangement. Maybe you planned ahead and Gram and Gramps are already in their cozy condo with a garage, first floor master and laundry. Regardless, the process is looming, inevitable, complicated and usually highly emotional. 

I read an excellent article by Jeff Brown, a Sandwich Generation writer..."What to Do with Mom and Dad". He breaks it down and his bottom line spells it out. Don't wait. Get all family members on board, educate yourselves and get help from your accountant, attorney and real estate agent. Clients reach out to us often for advice and we provide them with the tools they need to set attainable, long-term financial goals. Educating you on market conditions, current actual values and return (or lack of) on potential improvements is what we do best. We understand the sensitive nature of being a "slice" in the "sandwich" and the emotions attached to "home". Take advantage of our 200+ years of collective experience. We care about our seniors; they deserve the absolute best and we want to help you help them get exactly that.


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