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Your Home May Have a Story to Tell

Family history and geneology research has become more popular with sites like and television shows like Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are? But have you ever considered researching the history of your house? Here in Ipswich there are 59 First Period homes (1626-1725), more than any other town in the nation! Ipswich is even in the Smithsonian Museum of American History!

Everything from careful observation of design elements and craftsmanship, construction details, nails, paint colors, molding and muntin profiles to town records, county archives, historic societies, your state preservation officer (every state has one), maps and recorded instruments from the Registry of Deeds can all give you clues.  Thanks to This Old House Magazine we have a great list of tips and ideas on how to uncover history of your home or, what's within YOUR walls! 

Selling Your Home Solo to Save Money?

home sales

You'll actually make less than you think!

Those of us who have been around a while (eh hemmm 30 years) have seen this unfortunate scenario play out more often than we'd like. Our hearts break when we learn of homeowners under-selling. It hurts them along with the over-all home values. 

Friends don't let friends go 'fizz-bo'! (Industry lingo for FSBO or for-sale-by-owner). Even I was startled by this bottom-of-the-barrell pricing statistic when buyers and sellers are friends! What a steal for the buyer!

Read the full article by NAR here - they know their real estate!

And if you have questions about your home's value, call us. There's no obligation, ever. 978-356-8922  We'd rather share what we know than see you give your house away.


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Home Sale History in the Making!

Home sale history in the making! Highest price ever paid for a LA residence, and you won't believe what comes with it! 

The sale of the Playboy Mansion to next door neighbor Daren Metropoulos has closed for $100 million, said a spokesperson for Mr. Metropoulos. According to public records it is the highest price ever paid for a Los Angeles residence.

The roughly 5-acre Holmby Hills estate was listed in January for $200 million. As part of the on for Wall Street Journal's inside story on what comes with the sale.