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"Nest is Empty. Life Changes Direction."

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Being a working mom of a 2nd grader, you would think I have so much time left with my kiddo that any time spent contemplating my empty nest be a bit premature. I must confess, I think about it a lot. We've crested the stage where he doesn't want to hold my hand or kiss me goodbye in front of his friends. And the process begins.

There's a great article today on about women in the transition boat. It's what inspired me today. We all experience it differently for sure. I'm starting early, like now. Perspective I think is crucial. It's all in how you look at it right? I'm going with "opportunity to develop myself-finally" and start making a list now of the things I want to do and accomplish so I'm not caught off guard by the sudden time-on-my-hands syndrome.

Who am I kidding? Maybe I will write my novel, buy a Harley, downsize, sell my house and move to Tuscany but all the planning in the world could never fill the vacancy my heart will have to endure.  Life will change direction so I'd better get used to that idea now. One thing I know for sure, I wouldn't trade a thing.

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