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"I manage to shower, shave and brush my teeth every day in an AVOCADO green bathroom and I haven't died yet."

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  • Posted recently shared a blog post telling buyers to "Avoid the Hot Neighborhoods" as a way of avoiding participation in this overheated market riddled with bidding wars and over-asking sale prices. 'MWK's' comments are on the mark. I agree completely that "it's better to give your back a workout than your wallet". Of course, if you're not a strict-budget-minded shopper and your wallet is stuffed with avocado green, by all means, put your best bid forward. Because if you don't, you will lose the war. But for those of you willing to do some cosmetics, give your back a workout and apply your own sweat equity, you might want to keep your eyes (and your mind) open to something more affordable that needs some love.  And who DOESN'T love avocado green? It's the new I've heard.

Whatever your budget, search criteria or wish list may be, the best advice I can give is that you find yourself a real estate advisor you TRUST who will represent YOU, work for YOU, on YOUR behalf, so YOU don't overpay for cosmetics. Because when your buying a house, it is all about YOU. Click here for online profiles of qualified advisors who offer complimentary buyer representation.

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