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We've been busy selling real estate on the North Shore!

Listing and selling homes all across the North Shore is what we do best! Here's a list of MOST of the real estate transactions we've closed over the past 12 months! Thinking about changing your address? Give us a call! 978-356-8922

46 High Street, Ipswich, MA
18 Kimball Road, Methuen, MA
1 Democracy Drive, Amesbury, MA
20 Alvanos Drive, Haverhill, MA
4 Grant Court, Ipswich, MA
204 High Street, Ipswich, MA
36 Avery Street, Ipswich, MA
36 Downfall Road, Newbury, MA
3 James Road, Ipswich, MA
21 Middle Street, Ipswich, MA
17 Spring Hill Road, Byfield, MA
4 Circle Street, Middleton, MA
24 Francis Avenue, Groveland, MA
27 Elmira Avenue, Newburyport, MA
23 Allen Lane, Ipswich, MA
399 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA
24 School Street, Georgetown, MA
1 Atkinson Street, Newburyport, MA
4 Dix Road, Ipswich, MA
52 East Street, Ipswich, MA
8 Crestwood Lane, Ipswich, MA
21 Mason Lane, Salsibury, MA
18 Congress Street, Ipswich, MA
5 Maple Avenue, Ipswich, MA
299 Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA
856 Haverhill Street, Rowley, MA
4 Bush Hill Road, Ipswich, MA
44 Avery Street, Ipswich, MA
37 Leslie Road, Ipswich, MA
85 Main Street, Rowley, MA
156 Topsfield Road, Ipswich, MA
250 Dodge Road, Rowley, MA
130 Central Street, Topsfield, MA
251 High Street, Ipswich, MA
23 Hodgkins Drive, Ipswich, MA
6 Allen Lane, Ipswich, MA
8 Beechwood Road, Ipswich, MA
4 Bayberry Road, Newburyport, MA
540 Jubilee Drive, Peabody, MA
3 Hemlock Drive, Ipswich, MA
143 Highland, Hamilton, MA
156 Ipswich Road, Topsfield, MA
851 Haverhill Street, Rowley, MA
119 Highland Street, Hamilton, MA
19 Norman Road, Hamilton, MA
56 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA
6 Christa Drive, Rowley, MA
15 Hillside Road, Ipswich, MA
28 Turnpike Road, Ipswich, MA
4 Cullivan Lane, Hamilton, MA
321 High Street, Ipswich, MA
78 East Street, Ipswich, MA
19 Island Park Road, Ipswich, MA
6 Herrick Drive, Ipswich, MA
2 Kingfisher Road, Ipswich, MA
1 Kennedy, Ipswich, MA
11 Burnham Road, Wenham, MA
68 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA
31 Mayflower Drive, Wenham, MA
10 Newbury Road, Ipswich, MA
191 Asbury Street, Ipswich, MA
24 Hilltop Road, Ipswich, MA
14 Liberty Street, Ipswich, MA
25 Howe Street, Ipswich, MA
138 Fenno Drive, Rowley, MA
139 Jewett Street, Georgetown, MA
14 Jills Way, Peabody, MA
79 Spencer Knowles Rd, Rowley, MA
29 Crooked Pond Drive, Boxford, MA
27 Mulholland Drive, Ipswich, MA
12 High Street, Ipswich, MA
25 Oakledge Circle, Rowley, MA
3 Oceanside Drive, Beverly, MA
21 Ocean Drive, Ipswich, MA
66 Town Farm Road, Ipswich, MA
39 Kent Street, Newburyport, MA
2 Harris Way, Georgetown, MA
100 Ortins Road, Hamilton, MA
6 Merrimack River Road, Groveland, MA
3 Jutland Way, Ipswich, MA
46 Skytop Road, Ipswich, MA
28 North Ridge Road, Ipswich, MA
75 Summer Street #6, Salem, MA
102 Lilac Meadows Way, Ipswich, MA
410 Old Country Road, Wenham, MA
400-67 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
500-213 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
38 Kimball Avenue #5, Ipswich, MA
6 Karelitz Road, Peabody, MA
6 Safford Street #4, Ipswich, MA
1 Mayfair Court, Ipswich, MA
401-13 Colonial Drive, Ipswich, MA
36 High Street #2, Ipswich, MA
7 Holly Gate Circle, Middleton, MA
28 County Street #2, Ipswich, MA
1 Riverview Heights, Amesbury, MA
62 Washington Street, Ipswich, MA
21 Topsfield Road, Ipswich, MA
2&4 Broadway Avenue, Ipswich, MA
6 Old Essex Road #1, Ipswich, MA
6 Old Essex Road #2, Ipswich, MA


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