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New Danvers, MA Regulations: Time of Sale Inspection Begins July 1, 2015

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By LINDA BOCK (Patch Staff) May 26, 2015

New regulation gives the Sewer Division the authority to inspect properties prior to a real estate transfer, sale or closing.

Danvers recently adopted revised Water and Sewer Regulations at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

The Revised Regulations have been developed to compile the existing 1970s regulations and amendments into one comprehensive set of regulations for both the Water Division and Sewer Division. The Regulations approved by the Board of Selectmen on February 3, 2015 became effective on Monday May 18. Within the new Sewer Regulations is a requirement for a “time of sale inspection.”

The new regulation gives the Sewer Division the authority to inspect properties prior to a real estate transfer, sale or closing to identify any illegal connections such as a sump pump connected to the Town’s Sanitary Sewer System.

Any illegal connection found will be required to be removed permanently and redirected to an approved alternative discharge location. The ultimate purpose of this regulation is to remove extraneous flow entering the sewer system, reduce peak wastewater flows that can cause sewer system surcharges, and overflows and backups in the Danvers Collection System. This program is also intended to reduce excessive flows to the South Essex Sewerage District and to reduce the associated treatment costs incurred by the Town. A similar program has been in place within the Town of Ipswich for several years.

Beginning on July 1, 2015, the Town will require a time of sale inspection be performed in advance of the transfer, sale or closing of a property in Danvers. We encourage real estate agents and the prospective sellers and purchasers of properties to contact the Department of Public Works Water & Sewer Division or the Town’s Engineering Department to schedule this inspection as soon as a property is put “on the market” but no less than 30 days prior to an anticipated closing on the property. This early notification will give the seller adequate time to take any action required to relocate the discharge of a sump pump or other illegal connections prior to the (transfer) closing on the property.

Town Personnel will conduct an inspection of the property and will either issue a Certificate of Compliance under the Danvers Sewer Use Regulations or issue a Notice of Non-Compliance. In the event of a property to be found in Non-Compliance, the Town will work with the seller or real estate agent for the property to develop a plan and schedule to bring the property in compliance with the Regulations. All work to bring the property into compliance must be completed within 14 days of the Notice of Non-Compliance. Certificates of Compliance are valid for two years from the date of issuance.

For more information, call the Danvers Engineering Division at 978-777-2668 ext. 620.


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