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Make Every Morning A Special Occasion - 38 Story St., Essex, MA

Rise and Shine with the Good Morning Stair!  Come see this original Good Morning staircase in this beautiful antique home at 38 Story St., Essex, MA

The "Good Morning Stair" is a charming architectural feature found in original Cape Cod style homes. This staircase has a unique design and historical significance, adding to the quaint appeal of these homes. Here's a closer look at the history, design elements, and the unique charm of the "Good Morning Stair."

History and Origins

Cape Cod Style Homes: Originating in the 17th century, Cape Cod homes were designed to withstand the harsh New England climate. Their simple, symmetrical design with steep roofs and large central chimneys became iconic.

Function and Design: The "Good Morning Stair" was an essential part of these homes, rising towards the chimney block to access the upper chambers. This placement was practical, utilizing the warmth from the chimney to heat the upper floors.

Design Elements

Chimney Block Support: Often, the staircase was supported by the chimney block or placed at the end of the Keeping Room, ensuring it stayed tucked away while still benefiting from the chimney’s heat.

Landing and Turn: At the top of the landing, the stairs faced a wall, requiring a 90-degree turn to access either of the two upper rooms. This design element added to the cozy and intimate feel of the home.

Unique Appeal

Morning Greeting Tradition: The name "Good Morning Stair" comes from the daily routine of occupants. As they emerged from their bedrooms and reached the landing, they naturally faced each other and exchanged morning greetings before descending to the first floor. Sweet, right?

Historical Charm: This feature is a delightful reminder of the home’s historical and cultural roots, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of early American settlers.

Architectural Interest: In modern times, the "Good Morning Stair" adds architectural interest and a sense of nostalgia to Cape Cod style homes, making them even more appealing to those who appreciate historic design.

The "Good Morning Stair" is more than just a functional element; it’s a piece of history that embodies the warmth and community spirit of early Cape Cod homes. This feature continues to enchant homeowners and visitors alike, preserving a charming tradition that adds to the timeless appeal of Cape Cod style architecture. 

Own a piece of history and be enchanted! Call for an appointment and kickstart every day with a dose of positivity and charm by greeting the day from your Good Morning Stair! 

38 Story St., Essex, MA - Listed by Mary Ann Connors

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